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    Wink Surfer1 Intro...

    lol...ok here goes, I wear Diapers..yep.

    It's not that big a deal they work good & they feel good too. I live in the middle of Florida, USA & love Beaches, Swimming, Surfing, & Fun things like Concerts & Movies.

    I'm almost 21 but look kinda younger, if I go places I get carded all the time; but whatever.

    I know atleast 1-Fishing (Bait Secret) if you ask me, it works good for Salt & Fresh water fishing but the Fresh water fish go CRAZY for it.

    My hair is blonde & it's down to my shoulders but it's styled nice so I look good.

    Eyes...I have two lol & most of my friends think they are Blue but they are actually Blue/Green (Hazel) .

    I have good friends that are Guys & Girls and like hanging with them all, so whatever that means that's who I am.

    This is a good site & I recognize some of the people's names, so I feel safe here, Thank You.

    Ok that's pretty much about it for now, I'm waiting for the Movie "Where The Wild Things Are" to come out on DVD; if you haven't seen it yet it should still be in theatres for a little while longer & it's a great movie.

    Thank You

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    Hey and welcome to ADISC im also waiting for it to come out on DVD, wat other movies do you like.

    And i respect you'r right to wear

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    Welcome to ADISC! And I also agree to Where the Wild Things are. GREAT MOVIE!

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