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Thread: Snow in the East Coast! uhhh again! (The Blizzard of '09)

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    Default Snow in the East Coast! uhhh again! (The Blizzard of '09)

    In the DMV area (DC Maryland Virginia Area) we are now getting a shitload of snow today! Right now I can estimate around 14" to 16" inches should have already fallen or is going to. I know that at least 3-5" is expected by tonight and all the roads here are fucked up. It took me around ten minutes to get to my market where it only usually takes around 5 minutes. As it moves up the east coast it will probably get worse. Here, there is practically no one on the roads, everything is closed including the shopping malls on the busiest shopping day of the year (weekend before Christmas) and it is just too much for some. I really am indifferent about the storm this time around but am hoping for at least 1 snow day but not more than two. My winter break from school starts Thursday and I don't want to miss school so that I can turn in my official transcripts so that they can get to my colleges with decent time. So, around 1-2 feet of snow when it is all done, what are y'all east coast savvys doing with the snow on the way or already there, and if you are not from the East Coast United States, any input? All I can say is that there is a tough times ahead and I am not going to enjoy seeing the snow while doing a project on Tito Puentes!
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    I'm just staying in my house. I don't have any school to miss, just work. You'll find snow is more of a pain than a relief when you're out of school.

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    Butterfly Mage


    It is quite pretty -- and just in time for Yule (December 21). Blessed be

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    We got maybe two inches of snow here in Toronto (pronounced 'chraw-noe'), but it all melted within a week.

    But I go home soon for christmas back to northern ontario, and there's already like 3-4 feet of snow there.

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    I just spent the last hour helping out my neighbor out in getting his work van back to his driveway. Just crazy as to how bad this has been.

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    I'm sooooo happy it's only going to snow 1 to 2 inches up here in NE Pa. as of right now less than a 1/4" since noon.

    If I never saw snow again, I wouldn't miss it, normaly a storm on the east coast means the worse for us.

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    lol @ 14"-16" being a "blizzard." =P

    Try 24"+... everything stops for like at least two days.

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    Back here we got the tail end of the basically nothing. Light snow all day but it didn't stick due to the 34 degree high temp.

    I'm going to be in NJ tomorrow and i hope that the storm will have passed by then.

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    I feel bad for you dude. I don't get too much snow down here so i could not realy understand what it feels to have it snow all the time.

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