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Thread: Ideas for Baby and Mommy to do together?????

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    Default Ideas for Baby and Mommy to do together?????

    Hey everyone! I finally met someone in person that wants to play with me in when I'm in diapers and I'm so excited. Only problem is that I've never had a "mommy" before and she's never done anything in the AB/DL world. So I here I am writting on here for ideas. So all you babies out there, tell me what type of stuff me and my new mommy could do together. Thanks!

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    So is this person a girlfriend or just some random person who wants to diaper you? How did you meet? I'd suggest talking to her and just doing what you feel most comfortable with. Only you know what you'll enjoy.

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    As I know fairly little about the context, I would suggest being careful not to rush into doing a lot of things unless you're sure you are both comfortable with it and expect the same. I have no experience in the mommy/daddy/babying field, so cannot do any more than offer common sense. For example, if she's agreed to come play, she might not expect to change diapers, or maybe she does, but take it easy if you're less than certain. Sure you'd be sensible like that though. You could do grown-up things like watching something funny on TV or you could play lego, do some colouring etc. It can be fun to have a drawing 'competition', using your non-dominent hand (e.g. left hand if you're right handed). Or even with you eyes closed. It all ends up looking like kids' drawings.

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    She's down for it all, and actually came onto me first. I told her about my secret and she giggled and wanted to see it sooooo bad so I showed her one night and seemed to enjoy it. She told me that she's down for everything, changings, baby talk, ect... I just don't know things to do that could be fun that AB's do with their mommies. So ideas like on how to have fun like games or something, obviously I don't know hahahaha So yeah, any ideas would help, only thing that we're probably not gonna do is sex right away, but she's down for the rest haha, so lemme here them! Thanks again

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    Well... I would say it all rolls down to having here babysit you for how ever long you have with her. She would have to provide all the care you would a real baby. You should probly get some toys to play with too. But that more my opinon. Bottom line to feel like an Ab she has to make all your desitions for you.

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    uhh id enjoy the changing the most

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    I'ma go ahead and say ignore the two posts above this one, clearly because they're up for FAP FAP FAP material and not here to truly advise.

    What I think you should do is talk to her, she'll have her own ideas I'm sure. If you're both comfortable enough with each other, talk about her fetishes as well, see if you can include them in the play somehow to best implement how you'd BOTH like the scene to go along. Don't forget this isn't JUST about you, if you can make it memorable for her too, you've got a good chance of it happening again and maybe finding yourself a play partner or even a relationship.

    Best of luck!


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    Before you go any further and for the good of both of you I would suggest you write down a simple list of what you would like done for you and your mummy to do the same. Where lists agree will give you a start. The other items can then be discussed together and an outcome beneficial to both of you will hopefully be arrived at. If the situation is private and you are both agreeable, you could possibly be in your diaper and pants when doing it to add a bit of fun. If not, then dress normally. I wish the both of you best of luck and a very happy Christmas.

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    Ah, I'm suddenly feeling a bit out of my league here, so I will lave my rather innocent suggestions in my above post and get out of this thread! In my opinion (and unfortunate experience) sex is just too damn important to be used without the committed relationship to match, so I'd agree with avoiding that so soon on. I'm not really qualified to suggest anything else ABish, as I'm not into the sexual or inter-personal intimate side of it. All the best though.

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    Right on good ideas. We aren't looking for a relationship either, just some good ol' fashion fun! Makes it even easier, I know haha That's a good idea about trying to involve her into it, but she hasn't even brought any of that up, she just really wanted to see me while I'm "geared up" is what we call it haha. She's just a bad ass lady that likes to see me happy I guess

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