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Thread: The pedophile mouse!

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    Default The pedophile mouse!

    Mouse pronunciation sparks toy recall | Life and style |

    I can ...Proudly? say I own one. It's freakin' hilarious. Got it before all the controversy.

    It sings this:

    "Pedophile, pedophile, pedo all the way."

    It near kills me every time.

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    It sounds more like "Jingle Bells" than "pedophiles" to me...

    I want one though

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    lolwut is all I have to say to this.

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    Oh gosh. I thought you were accusing me of something. Look she told me she was eighteen, okay?

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    Sounded more like "mwa-mwa-ile", but let's have a laugh, why don't we.

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    I liked the comment...tiny tots will find it hard to sleep tonight, they know that Santa's on his way. But think about the Maji adoring the baby Jesus. Maybe they were adoring him just a little too much!

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    All I heard was Jungle Bells. Stupid people, maybe they have something wrong with their hearing.

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