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Thread: bedwetting while hitting the bottle?

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    Default bedwetting while hitting the bottle?

    So, hi!, it's me, again... Long time, no see.

    A question for you: Ever wet the bed while intoxicated? (Spelling?)

    It just so happens that this curious phenomenon hit yours truly in the face, under rather embarrasing circumstances. (I'll share that anecdote on a later date and time, yet to be specified.)

    So, yeah. A straightforward question from me for once. I humbly await your answers. (That's right. No long meaningless subjective and highly irrational ranting to introduce my question this time around. Hah. Good on me!)

    (I apologize if this thread has been done before.)

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    Not wet the bed, but I've wet myself (without diaper) on numerous occasions when walking home in the cold. If I'm on the beers I may wear a diaper, or more likely a pullup like a Drynite, just in case I can't hold it any more. I'm not keen on wearing a proper diaper when out on the beers as it will easily get full and then leak. A pullup I can at least go to the bathroom as normal but not have a problem if I'm caught short.

    Oh, and I've crapped myself after a seriously heavy night too! No idea how it happened and I had no urge to go, it just suddenly happened .

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    Never wet the bed, or my self from overdrinking... through I rarely get wrecked.

    Did pee the bed once from mushrooms of the magic variety, had friends staying over (luckily not sleeping in the same room) so was a bit harsh when I woke up!

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    Twice... it was awful! Both times I was in someone elses bed as well!! Had to wake up extra early and wash the sheets, and claim I'd been a bit sick on them in my sleep. Not true, but a much less embarassing thing to admit to than what it really was!

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    I doubt that I have ever wet as a result of drinking alcohol. Of course considering at the time I reached 21 I was profoundly urinary incontinent, how can I be sure if my wetting was a result of "demon rum"?

    In 1981 when I started university at 17, I did wet my bed every night. I admitted this to the housing director, who selected a roommate who did not mind living with a "wetter." The evening after we set up our Dorm room Francine and I were invited to a kegger welcome party. She did giggle watching me put on an Attends while dressing.

    That evening I nursed a single beer, which was hardly the first time I drank. Francine was drinking heavily, but she was almost 19. Just as the party was getting going, Francine wet herself. While I walked her home, she puked on a sidewalk. My bed already had a waterproof sheet, so I helped her there. She accepted my offer of a diaper just in case. The next morning Francine was wetter than me, as if she were one of my sisters.

    From then on the rest of our 4 years at that university, Francine always wore an Attends to parties, carrying a spare with her. Then following a party she would start sleeping in a dry Attends. Shortly after that first kegger gals we knew on our floor sometimes would beg a diaper. Probably some even bought their own disposables. Better a wet diaper than a wet dress or jeans!

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    Funny coincidence. I just did this last night... It was my own bed, so no embarrassment. Its happened to me before, so I wasn't too surprised. Just got too tanked on tequila and woke up at around 4:30 with a soaked bed. My poor mattress...

    Weird that this thread was posted about today.

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    I have had several occurrences where i have wet the bed while intoxicated... once at families house, in a guest bed in the same room as family.... i got away with that one Though cause i did the wash... also once at a party where i knocked out on the couch, LUCKILY EVERYONE LEFT WAY EARLIER then i woke so i kinda skipped the embarrassment, although my friend who's house it was did find out....

    And also a couple of times in my own bed, but this is of course if i get S**t faced which i don't do often at all cause its not becoming

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    Never. And I generally drink myself quite stupid. Really, I'm an embarrassment.

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    Weird that it had never happened to me, even if I am blacked-outed. Happened all the time into my early teens without alcohol. But now never.

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    When I was in college I would occasional wet the bed while at home in my own bed. It wasn't because I was incontinent while drunk. It was because once drunk, I lost my inhibitions to use control. I wanted to wet and did. I would feel guilty in the morning.

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