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    Arrow Looking for a diaper?...

    I am looking for an all-white diaper with one tab per side only, in a smaller size?

    thank you

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    It's unlikely you'll find it. The only adult all white nappy I know of is the Bambino Bianco, which has 4 tabs (two per side), and the only people that I know of who make one tab per side adult nappies is at abuniverse, who have had quite a deal of negative feedback from the adisc community.

    Single tab nappies are quite ineffective on adults due to the way that an adult's body is shaped; the range of shapes can be so much more different compared to what baby nappies are designed for. You'll get a much better fit with 2 tapes.

    Overall: Get Bambino Biancos.

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    OK then I need one all white with 2 tabs per side and leak guards easy to order discreetly online fitting:

    ~110-115 pounds
    ~5 1/2 feet tall
    ~30" waist

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    That will be the bambino bianco one then.... Most adult sized nappies come with printing on them, ie size information and the like, the bianco is the only one that I know of that doesn't have anything on it.

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    Also 'Tender' brand are very close to pure white. They have very faint blue print (size etc) that blurs and disappears when wet. It has four tapes (2 per side) which have the blue secondary refastenable tape. The 'night' ones are very full-fitting and quite babyish. probably the normal ones are too, though I haven't tried those. The packaging was very discreet (taped black sack) when ordered from 'Tender-Care' but that was a UK based company. There was no give-away trade names etc on the post label.

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    Just had a crazy idea, thinking about how people want one tape and for the nappy still to be secure and well-fitted. What would happen if you were to stick a strip of strong double-sided tape along the vertical edge, near where the tapes are, on both sides, obviously, and then when ready to wear it, pulled the backing off the tape and stuck the whole side down, as one giant tape. Thing is, the chances are the side needs to be tighter in some places than others (such as over hips, around legs etc) so it might make a bad-fitting mess. It could also be expensive buying tape, time consuming and having to do the modification process might in itself detract from the authentic experience. But, just thinking aloud here.

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    Bambino Bianco Small.

    I'm wearing one right now. I'm 5'9" 140lbs and 30" waist. They're a bit tight on me, but someone smaller like you would find these perfect.

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