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    Hi I have been buying diapers in stores for a bit but am really not too thrilled with them, I moved in with my fiance and told him about my little fetish and he is very supportive. I would like to know a bit about the other brands out there I have heard of Bambino but I was wondering if there were any other brands I should look into? I don't need to worry about discretion at all. Also can someone explain to me what a filler is? I am pretty new to all of this and I can't really find any websites that explain that stuff. Sorry for sounding like a total Newb but I am

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    Google adult diapers and you find lots of sellers of diapers and stuffers or boosters as they are called.

    Boosters add more capacity to an ordianry diaper, if you use a booster with a store diaper it becomes a bit better, but add one to a top of the line diaper and you get a way better diaper.

    Look for secure plus, molicare, and abena, some come with plastic covers some with cloth like, the best way is to find sites that sell diaper sampels and order a few of each, if your size is a worry try like a med and a large in your sample pack.

    If you are going to add stuffers size up they will fit better if you decide to add more than one.

    Experimenting is the way to go, don't by a case untill you know you like that diaper, diapers are like finger prints they are all a little different.

    The most important part is to enjoy......

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    Thank you! that was extremely helpful I was getting a bit overwhelmed and confused by some things ^_^

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    Make sure you check out the wiki - it's got some really good information that I found invaluable when I was knew.

    From what I've heard, molicares, abenas and bambinos are the best. Good luck!

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    It is much easier buying online less embarrassing.

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    Plus you can get a lot more selection online then you can from in stores most of the time

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    Quote Originally Posted by SquishyTushy View Post
    Plus you can get a lot more selection online then you can from in stores most of the time
    Daaamn right.

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    We all have different bodies, fit, needs and wants in our diapers. Lots of good posts here about different brands and types of diapers. Personally I keep everything from pull-ups to super premium diapers on hand. Let us know a little more about you and what you want in a diaper so we can make better recomendations.

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    The best thing is to try different samples. For example, I barely fill a size 6 baby diaper in one shot, while another would have a catastrophic flood. If you can, measure how much you pee. Knowing this, you should be able to do a smart choice ^_^

    I'll take me as an example. I measured 225 - 250ml in average, which is the maximal "safe" capacity of a size 6 baby diaper. Many adult diapers have a capacity of over 1 litre (~ 30 oz) and even more. I think Abena Abri-Form X-Plus have a capacity of over half a gallon .

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