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Thread: Problem with Bambinos... Need Advice.

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    Default Problem with Bambinos... Need Advice.

    Ok i have reciently bought both the medium and large size sample packs.

    The mediums fit with a booster. but are semi close to just barely fit. (took two good soakings and a mess)

    The larges fit. but they are HUGE on me and go up to my bellybutton. (just put one on. so no data for this yet)

    I am 5'10", weigh around 200 pounds, and i have a 33 waist

    Now i need your guys diaper wisdom. Do i go mediums or Larges. when i buy a box?

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    I think your decision should be based on one thing; are you trying to be discreet at all or not ?

    Because if you aren't then go for the large, it will be easier to mess in them plus you will feel more comfy in bigger diapers ... and obviously go with he mediums if you plan on wearing them and dont want them showing above your pants

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    well different situations for a different diaper. I LOVE the feeling of this large. Nice pillow. But i would have to say tho 80% would be wearing and trying to hide im in one around the apartment from dad.

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    33" waist? Go with the mediums, definitely

    EDIT: Wait, didn't see you mentioned about a booster... yes, that could prove problematic then... I suggest you go with mediums, if you feel bad in them with a booster, just go without. They already hold quite a bit anyway.

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    Ok larges were able to hold 1 MAJOR soaking. with room for MUCH more and a semi small mess... but i think im gonna go with the meds. but im gonna wait for a few more oppinions

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    Use a large with a stuffer. That will make it fit smaller and might fit you just right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pamperchu View Post
    Use a large with a stuffer. That will make it fit smaller and might fit you just right.
    well i did the large with a stuffer but it still felt big. maybe the quatro booster would be better. but ive heard that that one is so big it compromises the leak guards sometimes.

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    I can promise you the Quatro's in no way shape or form compromise the leak guards, I use them all the time and full force flooding won't make those babies leak =^.^=

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    I have almost identical stats to the ones you described. Albiet I fit into size 34 jeans comfortably.

    Mediums were pushing it for me...almost to the point of them being too tight (and quite uncomfortable)

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