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Thread: What does love feel like?

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    Default What does love feel like?

    We always hear people say how great it feels to be loved, but what does that really mean? What does it really feel like to be loved and to give love? Lets talk about the mental feeling, but also the physical feeling. If your special someone performs an act of love towards you, how does that physically feel?

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    Quote Originally Posted by diaperedteenager View Post
    If your special someone performs an act of love towards you, how does that physically feel?

    I don't stand for that biting shit though and I don't wanna hear about any gag reflex either

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    A warm gun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NeiNei View Post
    It feels warm and tingly in your appendix. :]
    You feel awesome.

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    You tend to get this whole body giddy-ness that spreads from you heart into your brain and then to your toes, you cant control your face from smiling and nothing can really make you care about lowering your mood because whatever happens "she loves me" and thats all that matters,

    things don't have to work out in order for that to change and thats the main point, you have a self confidence that is invincible and you feel like your always in the most comfortable state somewhere between a waking dream and blissful coma, time slows down and speeds up at the same time, raising you up to the moments you'll freeze in time and save in your heart forever, simultaneously bolstering your journey to new levels and halting it steady for all the world to see. you entire body never feels so alive to be able to flex a muscle in your chest which exudes the love for that person that is never moved in that way before and to have it not run from your own power but the energy you take in from being loved in return... in short its teh fweakin sweetest deal around

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    You feel like crap and you lose all your money in one stupid mistake...... D:

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