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Thread: My Introduction ^^

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    Red face My Introduction ^^

    Hi there well I'm a 17 year old TB/DL and like a lot of people here I'm somewhat shy and insecure or at least in real life. This is my first time on a forum so be sure to let me know if there are any mistakes.

    Im a big fan of video games, enjoy drawing and though rare I do enjoy some trips out usally walks and such, nothing extreme. Im a college student on a low level art course and live in England. Now to let you all know just in case I was born with Asperger(s) Syndrome which in short means I think differently and so I dont always pick up on jokes, easily becomes stressed and a few other factors so yeah Im shaking like a leaf now and will proberly panic when I get comments but after the first few times I'll get used to it and will be a bit more sociable because I do want to get involved more, no one likes being a lurker its just hard taking that first step. I don't want you all being put off though its perfectly safe to talk to me so please type away, I'm just hoping to make a few friends.

    So thanks for reading it means alot
    Hope to hear from you all!

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    hey there FuzzyRabbit welcome to the out n open here on ADISC. i hope your not getting too nervous reading this, i want you to know that you are doing great with the posting so far however, your intro was spot on so no worries there mate. and what kind of art do you like to draw mainly?, i love all forms of drawn art,shading,painting ect.. I hope to see you around the forums more often =)

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    You're doing fine so far. Welcome to the site. I hope you'll enjoy the place

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    Don't worry. Quite a few members on this site have Asperger's (including two of the mods). I'm sure you'll find this site to be a great place to talk to people without the stress of it being in real life. Do try to get to know people here - it really is worth it. If you have something to say don't feel worried about posting it. Get known and get to know people! I did, and the closest friends I've ever had are on this site.

    Also - compared to most of the ones we get on here - nice introduction.

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    I'd like to echo the sentiments of everyone here. You have done a great job with your intro. I hope that you will feel more and more comfortable. We are a site with members who have various issues, so in some ways, we are all in similar boats. I think we are a pretty empathetic group, and are here to support one another. I hope you will be as happy here as I am.

    I am a musician, and I enjoy writing. I work with junior high kids, some who have Asperger's, so I am very sensitive and understanding to those who have it. We are all just people wanting to be accepted after all.

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    Welcome! You said you have Aspergers...I do too! We actually have a group about it! You must come join us on IRC some time... (Chat now button on the top of the page)...It's more fun than the normal forums...

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    Hi, and welcome to Adisc. I hope you enjoy your stay.

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    Hey, FuzzyRabbit. It's good to have you here. I kind of understand about the social anxiety; it's tough to just put yourself out there and take social risks, but I think you'll do just fine. This is a pretty accepting bunch of people, and it's unlikely you'll do anything "wrong" by accident. I think if you just chime in with whatever's on your mind in response to a given topic, you'll do just fine. Welcome! Oh, and what sorts of gaming are you into?

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    Hello and welcome to ADISC. What is you favorite videogame?

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    Hey and welocme to ADISC , That was a Good intro, i gree with you that it is hard taking the first step but you did it really well. I was doing the same as you when i signed up here lol, My whole body was shaking because it was also the first forum that i signed upto. what kind of games system do you have. Id like to be friends

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