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Thread: What diaper is this???

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    Quote Originally Posted by HardcoreMickal View Post
    Looks like depends.'re serious? I don't know what that is but I sure as hell know that is not a Depend. It looks like it's got Abena style tapes though, if that helps.

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    If you really wanna know what I think, and of course you do...I think it looks like a pastie.

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    Woman + Diaper = Win

    It looks like a molicare IMO. A more bleached less purple one.

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    I think the somewhat visible verticle lines make it look like a molicare classic. But I agree with ayanna, there is no shadow on the woman which makes it look like a pastie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Alex View Post
    Woman + Diaper = Win.
    Photoshop + Lack of Skills to Use it Propperly = Fail

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    It looks a little fake, but why would Club Diapers, a pretty well-off company IMO, use fake pictures?

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    Amateur woman + purple Molicare (Super) Plus diaper + cheap camera + no photography skills = overexposed picture here

    At least it wasn't a Myspace picture (cheap camera w/o timer + mirror + flash) :p


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    I still say faked picture...the lighting in the picture doesn't say "over exposed" for me...on the diaper maybe, but not the rest of the picture...if you look the light is shining from the left side of the photo and shadowed on the opposite, but the diaper is lit the opposite way (note the 'shadow' on the left side of the diaper no shadow on the right)

    Quote Originally Posted by Blues Disciple
    It looks a little fake, but why would Club Diapers, a pretty well-off company IMO, use fake pictures?
    Ummm...'cause it's a 'club' for 'freaks' who like to look at pics of girls in diapers and they (the freaks) aren't very fussy.

    *isn't a freak 'cause she doesn't get off on looking at diaper pics, she just likes to wear them occasionally*

    ps Look at the girl's's neither 'tucked into' nor 'lapping over' the's just there (you can see the visible line from the top of the diaper)'s definitely a 'pastie' in my opinion.

    pps w00t! Post # 69! hehehe

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