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Thread: So Called "Dispose-Able" Diapers

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    Default So Called "Dispose-Able" Diapers

    Okay so i don't have one of those really cool Diaper-Eater machines where you can put your used nappies in and they get bagged automatically and stored in a sealed smell proof container. I usually have to double bag them in plastic shopping bags as im sure many of you do, problem is this method is far from automatic and far from smell proof.

    Sometimes when i can't make it to a random dumpster to throw the used nappies in ( i don't use my own homes garbage pail because more then one person uses it and i dont want them or the smell discovered) i will put them in a stash place, usually in the bottom of my closet in an old knapsack bag till i can get them out of the house, usually the next day.

    Well the other day i had a problem getting them out of the house and someone started noticing the smell, i was bugging out cause i thought it was a dead on tell but i just barely made it sneaking them out while leaving in the early morning

    Does anyone ever have trouble getting rid of their used nappies and if so what problems/solutions usually occur/ensue ?

    And does anyone have any ideas as to a better way to hide used nappies either in the garbage or on the way to it ?

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    You should start using your home bin, I take it it's outside....
    Bins smell bad anyways, they're full of rubbish, and if it is outside it won't be THAT bad. I say just bag it up, and stick it in the bin, if you're that paranoid, give the bin a shake so it gets covered with other rubbish. If it smells bad people will be less then willing to go searching through it to find whats causing the smell.

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    Could you buy zip lock bags. That should hold the smell in better. Then you could leave it in your own dumpster.

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    get the heavy duty 1-gallon freezer bags...They work like a charm for a few days!

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    my problems always came out of the places where i stored them for too long. i almost got caught, but luckily i threw them out earlier that day into the main trash bin into a previously thrown out garbage bag. really stressful.

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    Use fire.

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    FIRE Jeffy ?????
    Let me just say this being a pyro.... i wouldn't really try that because A: i have been camping before and let me just say disposal is even more of an issue then, and in the barrel where we burn the burnable garbage.. i tried to burn not just one but several used goodnites once and ...well lets just say if i wasn't the one burning the garbage it wouldn't have went over well at all.

    firstly they dont catch fire easily at all i had to use a lot of lighter fluid, secondly they are already sooo damp they are going to dilute the fluid and still be hard to ignite thirdly they give off an acrid smell which is strong , and when your looking at what is burning then becomes painfully obvious what is on fire... all in all the better part of a half hour just trying to destroy the evidence of a set it and forget it chore...

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