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Thread: Hey all

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    Default Hey all

    Im a teen who is confused about diapers...

    i finally have gotten to a stage where i can experiment with my feelings for diapers and hopefully can use your support as i go thanks!

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    Well hello, Swi. Welcome to ADISC! We're glad to have you here, and congratulations on finally being able to experiment with your feelings. I suppose that means you got diapers, yes? May I ask what kind?

    And we'd all be happy to offer support, I mean after all this IS a support community!

    I hope you enjoy your time here.

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    Hi Swi.
    It'd be nice to know more about you. What kinda hobbies do you have? Are you in school?
    Welcome to Adisc :3

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    Hello and welcome...and bye.
    You already have an account on ADISC using the name "diapers321". Granted, it's not very original, but I'm afraid you're only allowed to have one account per person. So please go back to using "diapers321", and if you hate the name, request a name change!


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