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Thread: Washing *BDL gear

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    Default Washing *BDL gear

    So I have a sleeper I got from Jumping Jammerz, I know how to wash it, but what is better to use it with? I have Ariel Excel Tabs (To stop colour running) and have Comfort Concentrate Pure, I'm pretty sure these will do just fine and I will be sticking my sleeper in by itself.

    What kind of stuff do you use to wash your *BDL clothes? Some stuff has like clip ons and snap ons like onesies, are they at all effected depending on what you use in your washer machine? I've never really had cloth diapers, so I have no idea what they're like to wash.

    Piccy XD

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    There should be a tag on the inside with washing instructions, or at least with the material that it's made from. If it's a mix of cotton and synthetics (which it probably is) just treat it like any other article clothing. I wouldn't worry about the colors running unless you're washing in hot water. And I don't see any reason to separate them from other clothes (unless you're trying to wash them discreetly). Snaps and all those sorts of things usually aren't affected by the wash, but plastic snaps are probably not good to put into the dryer.

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    I'll have to agree with slim, as long as you follow the instructions it will wash all right . Just remember to not use Softener when washing cloth nappies, since it lower the absorbency of them :X

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    Sounds good to me :3

    I prefere disposable diapers anyways, I just wondered about cloth.

    Yeah the sleeper needs to go on a cold wash, and is 100% polyester. That means I can wash it with what I normally use as long as I keep it on cold.

    Thanks guys =D

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    Gotta say that's a pretty cool sleeper, not sure on the green, but the pattern rocks

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    It's actually bright yellow, my webcam fails. I wanna get a proper camera like the ones I use while working.

    Thanks for the compliment ^_^

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    I've gone one from Jumpin Jammerz myself, actually soon to be two. It's easy enough to wash, I just put it in by itself, regular detergent, I use Tide, no bleach/colorsafe bleach of course and I don't use softener in the wash cycle either.

    Also, I wash it in cold water, on the slowest/delicate/handwash cycle. On top of that, I wash it inside out, not sure why, and I always make sure it's zipped up when I put it in. As for the dryer, I put it in by itself on no heat, with a dryer sheet. So far, so good.

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    Zipped up and inside out? How comes? I'd have thought the zip would need to be undone to wash inside and out.

    Yeah Imma put it on cold wash then stick it on the line in my living room.

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    Fleece- no softener (like diapers it will mess with it's absorbancy properties)
    inside out to prevent wear to the good side of the fleece...also probably helps clean out the feet better for sleepers. It can be turned wholly inside-out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nayfin View Post
    Zipped up and inside out? How comes? I'd have thought the zip would need to be undone to wash inside and out.
    Uh, have you not noticed the holes for your head and arms? ;D

    Anyhow, cold, zipped up, inside out would be best.

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