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Thread: Are people getting weaker/more needy?

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    Default Are people getting weaker/more needy?

    I'm just curious as to whether anyone else thinks that the vast majority of younger people these days lack the strength to get through life's little troubles by themselves. Teenagers these days seem to be oblivious to the fact that in order to make large amounts of money once they finish high school they will actually have to work for it. Teenage girls in particular seem to be forever whining to counsellors, psychologists, and psychiatrists about how they can't deal with the "troubles of life".

    Before anyone accuses me of being an uncaring son of a bitch (pardon the language) i do realize there are people of all ages who really do face incredible stresses and turmoils in life. I am simply referring to the large amount of teens who seems to think that getting grounded or breaking up with their boyfriend/girlfriend is on the same scale as having everyone you
    love killed before your eyes.

    I've also noticed that a growing number of young people lack initiative and work ethic.
    Just wondering if anyone else shares my view?

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    mate... its those things which i refuse to watch gossip girl >.< but i dunno, it seems, girls in particular, have een this lovestruck for centuries.

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    What does love have to do with it? Haha, I honestly don't care. I have worth ethic and stuff, which means the more people that slack off, the more oppurtunities that are open to me.

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    Having lived more than a half century, and working with junior high kids, I think I have some perspective. Yes, today's kids Have absolutely no strength...haha...just kidding! I think in many ways, we were just like this generation. I know I went through the same things you just described. I expected things should go my way, expected my parents to provide for my every wish, etc. But I do see one startling difference.

    We didn't have the instant gratification that the media provides. I think we had more discipline, a stronger built in work ethic that pushed us to work knowing that the end result could take years. I of course was and still am a musician, so every day I would sit at the piano and organ and practice, sometimes for hours. My friends, even at the age of 10 would work jobs, often with their fathers. It was a tougher world in that regard.

    We were the generation that was told if you work hard enough and long enough for something, you will obtain it. It was a lie of course, but that's what we did. Today's generation, as I see it (and I could be wrong) seems more content to come home, either sit in front of a computer or x-box, etc, and waste their time. We typically were working towards something for the future, or something for the now.

    As an example, when I was 11, I got my first job working in a small boat yard. I wanted a boat of my own. By the time I was 14, I was able to buy that first boat. I know I have spoken assuming many things, and maybe I'm completely wrong, so I throw the ball back into the court of our members. But remember, most all of you are a lot more intelligent than the general population.

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    unfortunately alot of australian kids have horrid work ethics, but dont worry, it's changing:P
    from about 1990 onwards (kids born in) i think youll see it changing a bit

    that and too many people dont want to put in any effort and still wanna get payed.

    however, to entirely blame them is unfair, i think it's alot to do with society in general, i mean after uni some people wont get a proper job till they are in their 30's.... and alot of other things, i mean, yr 11 and 12 are basically unemployment delayers for so many people.

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    Sounds ok for me, that means I have a better chance at getting a good job later on.

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    It's interesting. I think the teen years are a very turbulent time that a lot of people struggle with, and perhaps now that people have more access to and knowledge of pyschiatrists and counsellors, we see them going down these routes more often. However, I think it's good of people are given more tools to deal with their mental health and it's good that people aren't forced to suffer in silence.

    Where I work, we get a lot of teenaged volunteers. Lots of them are not very helpful: they don't seem to understand how to work hard, how to clean cages, how to bleach shelves... We had a couple of people who didn't know how to sweep! They actually did not know how. They just pushed stuff around on the floor, but didn't sweep it into piles or sweep it up. They didn't seem to know what the object of sweeping was. Very weird. On the other hand, they may not know how to work, but they are taking time out to volunteer at a small animal shelter, which is very nice of them, and I think show something very positive about them.

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    Getting weaker? I don't know... You complain about people complaining about getting grounded or breaking up with their boyfriends or girlfriends, but I'm sure this has always happened. Teens, while being disciplined, will always be sulky! Same goes for getting dumped... recently I've developed an affection for one of my friends, and during this period there's been times I've just wanted to curl up into a ball and sob, but that's just because I'm a silly teenager!

    So yeah, teens have always been weak. Just look at Romeo and Juliet, a couple of right idiots!

    As for everybody under the sun getting psychological help... I think this is a good thing! People would have always benefited from this kind of help, it just happens that it's our generation where it can be easily supplied.

    I don't know what to say about work ethic, there's a lot of lazy gits out there, and a lot of hard workers.

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    Teenagers are just as lazy as they were fifty years ago.

    It's the fact that it's easier to see now, that makes you think they're worse off. We have the internet, mass media, not to mention a councilor is pretty much standard in every school.

    Compared to what, though? Four thousand years ago when kids we're piling wood by the age of three?

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    People aren't getting weaker the world's getting tougher. Unemployment is rising, university is harder to get into with so many people applying and the world's finances are in tatters.

    Frankly we'll have more to moan about in the future but for now breaking up is the worst of our worries which is why we act like that.

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