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Thread: Very sick! Diarrhea and diapers

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    Unhappy Very sick! Diarrhea and diapers

    I've been really sick for the past couple of days. Normally I don't get sick but I've been hit really bad with some kind of tummy virus. Luckily for me however, I had just taken shipment of a big new case of Bambinos.

    Anyway, my sickness has mostly been tummy aches and really frequent diarrhea, and not to be too graphic or yucky but it's pretty bad. I've decided for the duration that I have it, I am to be diapered for a majority of the time. I normally don't like messing but because it is absorbed by my bambinos so well, I figure why not -- especially since earlier this morning, after my shower, I had a little messy accident that kinda shocked me

    I'm kinda happy that I have the diapers because I can sleep without fear of any messy sheets or accidents. I gotta admit, I feel pretty babyish sitting in bed all wrapped in my blankets, wearing my footie pajamas over my bambino while hugging a teddy bear and sucking a paci. It definitely makes being sick a little more fun!

    Any of you have any experiences similar to mine? I know it isn't exactly a good idea to be in contact with the soiled diapers so I've made sure to have a big stock of baby wipes and to change semi frequently.

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    Sorry to hear your ill. But happy to see that the baby in you is making the best of a messy situation. Make sure you clean regularly as you don't want to have a nappy rash to add to your problem. Thinking of you.

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    I guess it's good to make some fun out of being ill, considering it's plain rubbish in all other ways. You seem pretty hygiene conscious, talking of having plenty of wipes etc. Remember that the mess will be teaming with bugs, of whatever bacteria or virus you're suffering from. Your body is using it's excretion systems to expel the bugs. So, be very careful not to re-infect yourself, or others. Stay well hydrated too. Do you have a bottle? You could maybe fill it with water or juice to look after yourself while keeping in with your fun.

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    Nausea Heartburn Indigestion
    Upset Stomach Diarea!

    Pepto Bismol!
    ...take some

    *hugggles* atleast its not coming out the other end...yet
    feel better hun

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    Do what ever you got to do bro. Just change after each messing and you should be fine. I hate being sick like that so I am quite empathetic of your situation. Get well soon.

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    sounds fun to me, well not the sick part. I love being all cuddled up in a wet and messy diaper with a blanky and toy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by curiousitykitten View Post
    Nausea Heartburn Indigestion
    Upset Stomach Diarea!

    Pepto Bismol!
    ...take some

    *hugggles* atleast its not coming out the other end...yet
    feel better hun

    I actually bought some generic Pepto Bismol from the local pharmacy early morning yesterday... So far hasn't worked haha !

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    I've always had an affection for sick little boys. It makes them so much cuter and vulnerable. Squeeeee~

    I just sure hope Sparky doesn't get what you have (he's told me that he gets sick every winter) because....ew. Not my thing. I prefer my boys to have respiratory problems/sneezing.

    Okay, okay, I'm weird. Sue me. I just think a boy snuggled up, sniffling with his paci and footie pj's while hugging his plushie is just the sweetest more adorable thing ever.

    Oooh! Ooh! But one time I p00ked and shat at the same time when I had the tummy flu. :[ Wasn't fun....

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    I had that diareha like that with the stuff they give you to take for a colonoscopy, so the night before the test I diapered up and got some sleep.

    Diapers are very practical in situations like that, and just more fun that way also.

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    one time when i was wearing a diaper i got diarrhea randomly (it happens when i eat certain things) and i just went because it didn't feel like it was gonna be bad..... took me like an hour to clean up, was the nastiest mess i had ever made.

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