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Thread: Modern Warfare 1 v Modern Warfare 2.

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    Default Modern Warfare 1 v Modern Warfare 2.

    Okay, so basically the new Call of Duty game came out recently, Infinity Ward's "Modern Warfare 2", the sequel to "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare", which was basically the first massively internationally played online game available for both the Xbox AND Playstation consoles, and pretty much the first online game with stunningly accurate weapons and attachments, as well as amazing graphics combined which bested any previous "realistic(Not including Halo)" online FPS.

    This comparison is specifically referring to the online gameplay. Here's my analysis.

    Call of Duty Modern Warfare had amazing maps, many various different weapons, killstreak rewards, Cool rewards for headshot counts or kill counts, different perks to customize your gameplay, and many different types of matches (Team Deathmatch, Domination, Headquarters, Search and Destroy, Hardcore modes). Last but not least, the maps were simply incredible, and well developed. The maps were usually never to big, and proportioned very nicely, probably planned very well. In addition, the maps had tons of hot spots that you could learn of, and learn how to utilize in many maps, it's hard to explain, but you get what I mean, it wouldn't necessarily be camping, but it there were just good spots to use.

    On the downside, you have: Campers, Noob Tubes, Juggernaut, and just generally annoying or "cheap" people, but not so much that it's actually a bother, due to the perfection of the architecture of the maps; if you're good, it shouldn't get too annoying. In addition, there are very seldom glitches, or hackers, but when they do show up, they are annoying. And with every 17+ game...... comes the screaming 5 year olds who just ruin the experience.


    Modern Warfare 2: Okay, so, lot's of changes. For one, there are a whole lot more custom options available to you. For instance, you have duel wield for certain weapons, but it's really only effective at medium range tops. After getting a (very) small number of kills with a silencer attachment, you can unlock a heartbeat sensor. This will act as a poor UAV, and can be useful if you have a very good knowledge of the map, but can be distracting. Just like a UAV, it is going to only update a location every few seconds. If you see a red dot on the very edge, they could very well have knifed you in the face as soon as it shows up. Thermal scopes have come out for snipers (and other weapons), which is pretty neat, but annoying to get shot with. A thermal scope will show everything thats hot as white, and everything thats not as a dark gray or black. This means, that if you are inside a building, they can see your body heat right through a wall, and pop you. It also helps in darker maps. Oh, and theres a useless throwing knife that is going to be inefficient compared to something else you could use to attack your opponent 100% of the time. All of the new weapons are very cool, but when you have 4 new assault rifles that are the same exact rifle, it becomes useless. The new Light Machine Guns are a little less overpowered than in Cod4, which is actually quite nice. Also, you have a ton more kill streak awards, leading up to a tactical(lol?) nuke, ending the game, as a 25 kill streak reward. Let's see, as a 4 kill streak reward you can jam your enemies UAV, which is quite helpful. Sentry guns can be airlifted, but once their up, someone will blow it up almost always with a grenade in .00000000383847 seconds (useless). The predator missile is very neat, as you can aim your airstrike, but only get one missile. Anyways, the whole scheme is just to get up to 11 kills by any means possible, to shoot out of a helicopter (one shot one kill basically...) which is quite insanely easy to get kills with. Once someones in a chopper, your prone to getting nuked. It's just how it works.

    The maps: Okay, they are definitely ALL sub-par. In general, they are a straight up joke, and just plain horrible in comparison to Call of Duty 4. All of them, are ridiculously open, and you have a very good chance of getting shot in the back, no matter where you are at any point in time. If you move around quite a bit, don't expect a decent kill/death ratio. What does this cause? Camping. Everyone just camps in this game, it is ridiculous. There are a select few maps where it is not ridiculously open, but still poorly set up. In addition, some maps (Favela[rooftops, not the actual terf] and Estate) have ridiculous elevation levels that are just too insanely varied. You may not notice it, but things get ridiculous when you have this, especially in estate.

    Infinity Ward also did a horrible job keeping glitches out of the game, plain and simple.

    Anyone who has played CoD4 and then played Modern Warfare 2, will probably have noticed the ridiculous difference in the aiming schematics, which is just annoying. Why would you want to have two different levels of movement that you have to adjust to, if you could just make them the same for both games.

    In my opinion, if you're going to make a sequel to an amazing game, don't come out with garbage. If you don't like campers, don't play Cod6, it's just ridiculous. The new weapons barely exceed the sub-par level from what you would expect from the definition of "better" in any way shape or form. Also, if you notice, the more you power up your weapons ( say, a heartbeat sensor, and a red dot/holographic sight), the slower the movement is.

    Just another pet peeve of mine... whenever you get damaged, instead of the screen turning red, a giant splatter of blood covers the screen, and you can't see a damn thing, and then you die, as opposed to reddened edges of the screen in call of duty 4. I mean it's cool, but if I'm in a medium range fight and my opponent is dancing while shooting, if he hit's first I'm screwed.

    Okay, so I know that was sort of biased against MW2, but it's my opinion. What do you guys think?

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    Modern Warefare 1 is simply better then 2 since MW2 took out the dedicated servers for the PC verison, thus giving the host a clear advantage over every single person, oh plus it costs 10 dollars more despite the fact they only took really useful shit out.

    But in the end I don't play either on MP since well I like TF2 and the Left 4 Dead games better.

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    MW2 was basically a glam game, i doubt it will even become a competetive sport/game, which COD4 was. MW2 has put in all these clutchs to help noobies kill people -- heartbear sensors, thermal scopes? EZ mode snipers, Shotsguns (forget a rifle, i got models). Maps are horrible. Their are so many nooks that its not about aiming, movement, or skill anymore, bu instead camping or running around with shotguns to catch people off guard. Basically it's who sees who first.

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    Modern Warfare: PRAY AND SPRAY!!

    Modern Warfare 2: Prettier PRAY AND SPRAY!! while screwing over PC gamers at the same time.

    It's all about the TF2.

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    I like modernwarfare 1 maps better they all look completly different but in modernwarfare 2 the perks was good since they can be upgraded but some of the perks though i think are not as great though, with what i like is perks that make ur weapons more stonger or more accurcy or make your scope aiming more faster or run faster, or make you jump higher (like oldschool) anything that would make it a lil more challenging to get kills.

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    I haven't played either. I have a 360 too, so it's pretty baffling, eh?

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    I found both of them rather sub-par. There is little innovation in either of the titles, but when 30 million people buy your game without ever thinking, why bother being innovative?

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    CoD4 was a great game. Tightly scripted single player experience that kept you playing and a decent multiplayer part. Already quite spammy with choppers and tubes etc but playable. CoD6 made the move to completely casual fireworks for all the 14 year old and their xbox. Singleplayer might still be worth it, but I wont buy the game for what they did to the multiplayer part. Seems like they get away with it very well though.

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    Reading all of thos makes me not want to buy cod6

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