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Thread: Whats up guys?

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    Red face Whats up guys?

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this board, and I figure it's best to introduce yourself, though I honestly suck at these sorts of things but I'll try my best.

    I'm 18 years old, from Pittsburgh PA, and I'm a teen baby. I have been one since I was about 12 years old, though I've been in diapers all my life due to a birth defect that has made me incontinent (doesn't really bother me that much obviously... since I'm now a TB because of it).

    I love stuffed animals, my pacifier, and of course, my diapers - like any other baby One of the things I enjoy doing as a teen baby is writing stories. I've written several... one of which I actually just posted not too long ago on this board. I like reading and writing stories about diapers, and I hope you enjoy the ones I post on here.

    I'd also like to shout to Lukie and Baby Blake. Wassup.

    Other, irrelevant interests mostly include video-games, school, computers, etc... but I can pretty much relate to almost anyone's interests. I like chatting about pretty much anything... so if you want to chat feel free to hit me up, I'm a pretty nice guy most of the time.

    Totally at a loss for words... not sure what else to say. Just... nice to meet you and... that's that?

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    Hello and welcome to ADISC.

    How do you know Lukie and Baby Blake?
    And why shout at them? Have they been naughty? *gets the trout*

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    Lukie and I are best friends. He was the first person I ever talked to who also wore diapers and enjoyed being a baby, and we've been talking online for about six years now.

    Baby Blake and I are friends too. We've talked a lot the last year or so and we just get along really well.

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    6 years? Wow!
    I never had a internet friend for that long.
    Max: 6 months or so.

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    Yeahhh... I guess when you really think about it, it IS a long time to know someone online. Most of my friends in real life I haven't known for that long honestly. It might even be 7 years at this point. I can't remember lol

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    Hello and welcome to this part of the woods. Since I remember you from TBN, the woods themselves are not a foreign area for you. Or maybe you just followed Lukie, since you know him so well

    Either way, enjoy your stay and have fun!


    P.S.: HardcoreMickal: I've known you for more than 6 months now! In fact, it's been over 6 months now since we last met in person! So stop lying

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    Getting close to 7 years, I think. O_O

    Beats me how we met, but with was a good thing we did. We practically grew up through our teenage years together, but I felt I've known you for much longer. You know more about me than my RL friends. Seriously.

    But it's good to see you around on here. Hell, it's good to see you around anywhere. ^_^

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    Wow! 6 years! That is a really long time!

    So welcome to our community! I hope you enjoy it here!

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    Hiyas ^_^ Glad to see ya here =p

    (sorry I haven'ts been on[this is to everyone] as I have moved into a new house)

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    Hi Baby Jake! I remember you...

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