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    Default *NEW* Super Mario Bros. Wii

    Anyone currently playing?

    I just picked it up last week, and I'm really digging it. I'm so thrilled that Nintendo recognized the need to embellish upon what worked for so many in the late-80's, early/mid-90's and strayed away from that 3d BS that nearly ruined it all (for me, anyway)!

    I find that this game takes elements from SMB 1, 2, 3, and World and incorporates them in the same familiar side-scroller environment with new tricks and treats along the way!

    The newest multi-player feature is incredibly unique and can pose quite a challenge to your gameplay! I personally tend to rush quite often through levels and playing with a friend was definitely a kick in the butt to get in check. During gameplay, you can bounce off of other players to get a super jump, or even pick them up to carry them through the level! There are Super Skills that you can work on to earn infinite lives (think this: 4 players, 3 Yoshi, Luigi gets carried, spat out, and tossed between Yoshi to defeat enemies, thus creating an opportunity for multiple lives gained)!

    Overall, my favorite new elements include the multi-player mode and the Penguin Suit (who doesn't want to dress up like a penguin .. come on! they're so cute)!

    Anyone playing or play through it yet? I'm just eeking my way through for the first time, my second play will involve earning all of the coins/secrets/etc.

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    I don't have it yet, but I'm hoping to get it for Christmas, looks awesome.

    I do the same as you: once through to get to the end, then again to get everything else (then in new super mario bros. on the DS I completed the game while doing as few levels as possible)

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    I really want this game, it's a shame I've already vouched for Borderlands and Sims 3 this Christmas, though I might end up picking it up just after Christmas day.

    As a lover of Mario games old and new (And a huge loving fanboy of Yoshi) I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy this game. It sounds amazing.

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