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    Default Yet again, another article

    I've been spending a fair amount of time searching for infantilism-related information recently.

    Today, I found an article which focused more on the physiological aspects of paraphilias, in general. It made for an interesting read, and I wonder what you would think of it?

    Deviancy Paraphilias

    (html document)

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    I was fascinated by the mention of minor brain damage. When I was a baby I choked on something and was without air for a period of time. I was fine to the knowledge of the doctors but Couple that with an emotionally absent, angry father and AB/DLism may have been the result.

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    wow, lots of cool information about the neurology of paraphilias. i almost starved to death during the first few weeks of my life due to a mammary gland infection in my mom -- i wonder if that could have led to some minor brain damage resulting in paraphilia...?

    the article cites a lot of research by john money, who is one of the only psychologists to do any real research into sexual imprinting, but who is also generally recognized to be a total crackpot. on wikipedia there's a lengthy article about him if you're interested in reading: John Money - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    John Money has ruined the lives of thousands of interesexed individuals... I don't agree with many of his methods.

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