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Thread: Werle & Stankowski: Question for any Germans out there

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    Default Werle & Stankowski: Question for any Germans out there

    So when I was traveling a couple months back, I ran into several European bands that I loved. It is a shame that so few of them are marketed over in the States (and I'm sure the opposite is also true for small US artists). Just to discover new music is a great reason to travel.

    Anyways, to the point. On band I discovered was Werle & Stankowski. They're German, Folk-rock mixed with electronica, etc. Very good stuff. However, as far as I can tell, they broke up in early January. My question for anyone who might be in the know about this musically genius duo: Are there any rumors of a new project? A new album? Have either done any individual work? Just curious, as I cant find much on the web.


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    Their website werle stankowski says they split up and had their last concert in January 2009. That's probably why you haven't heard anything from them.


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