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Thread: How well do you think *B/DL actually correlates with your personality?

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    Default How well do you think *B/DL actually correlates with your personality?

    I know this has been discussed before, but the ones I found are all closed. Besides I may add some fresh things.

    So the question is:
    How well does your *B/DL side match up with who you are?
    In essence, is it really just a thing, or actually an expression of a fundamental aspect of your personality.

    I'm half expecting *Bs to say it's more a part of them and DLs to say it's just a thing, such as any other interest; but what do I know, that assumption may be completely incorrect.

    For me I'd say it's quite an accurate reflection of who I feel. I'd consider myself to act maturely and grown up most of the time, but there's always been a want to mess around, keep playing, and generally act immaturely for a bit. On top of that I've always felt behind my peers in the sense of growing up. I don't go to parties or go chasing girlfriends all the time, in a way it feels that I'm subconsciously trying to maintain my innocence.
    Lastly, not sure if it's relevant or not (I'll let you decide that one), I get on with kids very well, it seems I'm rather playful at heart and can understand what it is they want.

    So, a similar thing from you if you please, or alternatively which features of personality you think are relevant or not - which may turn out to be the more interesting discussion.

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    It's one of many layers that comprise my personality, but the AB instincts are dominant in a few aspects. It's something people seem to notice more in person than online, especially the shyness factor. (Not speaking, standing behind others to go unnoticed.)

    Another toddler-like characteristic would be the hand/oral fixation. I always have to have something in my hands at all times, and frequently (especially when nervous or stressed) I need to have a thumb, paci, cigarette, pipe in my mouth.

    Dealing with my emotions is a lifelong battle against the toddler mindset. I get angry or sad very quickly, and completely recover just as quickly. It's not too difficult to make me cry, but that can be changed to laughter in a moments time.

    The bad of it: people have always said that I am immature. (If they only knew to what extent.) Panic attacks and crying in situations that do not call for it.

    The good: Because of the emotional part, I don't hold grudges or stay angry very long. Also I seem to make a lot of friends in person by not talking much, people like to have an nonjudgmental ear to listen to them.

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    Thats actually something to really consider for me, because i have a professional side of me that completely revels in being able to "get it done" so to say. Im kind of a go getter and very out there, but when i relax from trying to control this and that in my life in terms of a pursuit of better living, my inner DL comes out full circle to the complete inverse of most of my "professional" personality traits. However a lot of the fundamental aspects of my true personality hold direct correlation and reciprocals in my DL side. Like how im always of a younger mind set, can understand peoples base insticnts very well, and how i can get along with children a little too well, espesially toddlers

    For me its like you kinda see all the pressure fronts in my personality give way to the certain tendencies i appreciate about DL life style like not having to worry about secureing anything, cause its done already.. or not having to worry about when or where or why , because just don't your all wrapped up n taken care of, everything is set, just enjoy the ride. And most of all because in my personality im constantly trying to care for people that are close to me and find people to care for, and if possible be cared for too in return which is why i fall into being how i am i reason.

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    Being babyfur DOES count, cause I've posted countless threads and posts (on different board of course) explaining how being babyfur has always been a part of my personality and always will be.
    I'm 19, and my physical appearance will always be an issue... for as long as it lasts. But I've seriously had people from the upper corporate office investigate me for lying about my age to get my job. Also the way I generally dress doesn't help that image much either >.<
    However I try to maintain a happy and... slightly hyper demeanor either in work, or in public, school, even in front of my parents. It's just the way I am n.n; The fandom has become second nature to me, all the things in it, and it's a part of me. and the world goes round and round and round.

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    Being a caretaker definitely has an impact on my personality. I'm a lot more mature than...well....durf durf people around these parts, and I've been known to show my 'mama wolf' side around a lot of people. Yes, I may be a bit violent, but my friends know that pretty much everything I do comes from my natural caretaker/wolfdog-ness. I'm always pretty emotional and I tend to get a bit too 'cutesy' and sweet at times, often acting a bit too...erm....motherly in public.

    But, strangely, I hate small children and actual babies....

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    My little side is something I don't exactly control... it's just a part of me that decides it's time to come out. I mean, if I'm in a situation where I can't act little, I'm able to compensate, but that doesn't change my general mindset... I can be brought into and out of littlespace, but not really due to my own volition. It's not a switch. I tend to feel little, physically, when I am in that headspace; especially around someone who I may view as a parental figure. Heck, I've even had friends that I trust tell me that I talk like I'm much younger, almost like I can't help it if I feel safe doing so.

    So in short: yes, AB/LG is an expression of a fundamental part of my personality.

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    Although there is a little kid in everybody, the effect is somewhat pronounced for me. When I'm not in "hikikomori" homestuck nerd mode, and actually socializing, I like to look at things in a simple, childish, happy way to keep myself entertained. Pieces of ribbon immediately go onto my wrist, and any kind of toy gets the maximum use out of it. When I'm by myself I'm very reserved, feeling that outwardly showing my emotions is a waste of time since nobody's around; it requires people to open me up.

    It's worth mentioning that I haven't found much worth in the diaper aspect unless I'm enjoying it with an online buddy or just using it for sexual purposes.

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    It's not a very accurate representation of me, for the most part. There are many more things that define me better than my infantile side.

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    it doesn't define me, but it's definitely a part of my personality. i don't have a kid side and an adult side: it's all the same avery.

    an example: i was with some friends a couple of weeks ago when i discovered a hoody with a cute little monster sticking its tongue out stitched into the back. i was like, "my god, that's the coolest sweatshirt i've ever seen in my life! i'm buying it right now!" a couple of my friends were like "alright, avery, you do that." i can't understand how a person could possibly look at that sweatshirt and not think it's cool, but i guess that's coming from someone who digs quirky cute stuff. i'm also into playing tag, climbing around on stuff, eating cookies, swimming, exploring, riding bikes, drawing, and building forts.

    that said, i have plenty of more "adult" interests as well (beer, coffee, reading nonfiction books and articles, and playing the fiddle come to mind). and there's plenty of little kid stuff that does nothing for me like glasses of milk, graham crackers (yuk), pointless bickering, stupid tv shows, early bedtimes, broken plastic toys, thinking you're the center of the universe, and having to ask your parents for permission before you do anything.

    (i did buy that hoody, by the way! i should post a picture of it...)

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