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Thread: New Abena Super design?!

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    Default New Abena Super design?!

    Hi all!
    Yesterday I was met with a pleasant surprise when I opened a new bag of Supers! A few orders ago, I noticed the design on the bag had been freshly updated, but the diaper itself was not affected. This time, however, I discovered a whole new Super (M2)!

    I took a few comparison shots with the previous design and the new design; posted below for your viewing pleasure:

    From top left going clockwise:
    1.) Side by side: New imagery with the addition of M2 instead of the "Medium Super" verbiage.
    2.) Improved tapes! The one on the left is the older version and on the right is our more sturdy, seemingly heavy duty version.
    3.) Side by side comparison: The left is the older one, which looks a tad thicker throughout, although I believe this to be because the new one was compressed in the bag until recently taken out.
    4.) The back waist band: MUCH more functional in my opinion. You can tell from the comparison that the newer (on the right) is scrunchier versus the older on the left.

    My friend and I agree there are some other updates that are not aesthetic in nature, but in the functionality of the diaper itself. For one, after the first wetting, you notice almost immediately that the swell is considerably different. It's a bit "harder" and sits more dominantly at the front and center. It is by no means inconvenient, in fact I find that it keeps you more discreet and comfy! My mate and I refastened our tapes at one point, and I personally believe that the tapes will last longer compared to the other ones. I have not pushed it to the limit just yet though. As far as capacity goes, I don't believe anything has changed for the worse. It was maybe able to handle 3-4 solid wettings before changing time.

    Overall, I LOVE the new design and feel. Very nice surprise! Any other Super users get a new bag?

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    Interesting evaluation, and one that definitely should be exemplified, as it provides a fair amount of info.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Excelsius View Post
    Is it me or the new one looks thinner?
    It does look a bit thinner, but I think it may be because it was compressed in the bag for a while. I should re-evaluate once a day or so goes by and the new Supers "air out a little." Hehe!

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    the x-plus is redesigned too. you might be right about the tapes being better -- so far i haven't had any problems with these ones and usually the tapes on abenas are kind of unreliable. other than that i think the only change is the design on the outer plastic.

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    Thanks for this. I'm supposed to be getting a Case of these tomorrow (if the fed ex guy can figure out how to get through the front door of my apartment this time). I want them for the rest of finals week

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    I heard on Public Radio that Procter and Gamble was using a new material for their Pampers, and it was thinner. I suspect that this material will make its way into other brands of diapers.

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    They look cool but I have a problem with Abena tho because after about 8 hours being wet they start to burn and smell really bad (not the nice pee smell but some sort of chemical smell that i hate) and leak right through pin holes the plastic shell. also the tapes tend to rip the plastic cover too.

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