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Thread: What Do YOU Decide???

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    Question What Do YOU Decide???

    Your In a day care center for GOOD!.... no escape and they tell you that your to be fed MILK, just like a baby from now on, periodically BUT...

    You have a choice, and you only have the two to choose from:

    Breast Milk or Baby Formula?

    (Both are fed out of bottles! so don't let that sway your decision) & (None of that cow crap with growth hormones ALLOWED!)

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    Sounds like a serious upset stomach for GOOD.
    I totally voted neither! Grape juice, please!

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    Those are both disgusting options. Besides I only drink milk that comes from other species such as rats.

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    I heard formula has a nasty metallic taste but I've also heard that breast milk is actually quite sweet so I guess I'd go for that over formula.

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    Quote Originally Posted by injektilo84 View Post
    Grape juice, please!

    You rang? :P

    Back to the question in this topic, I've tried formula before and it wasn't that bad, and I suppose over time I'd grow to like it more, so I'd choose that for one main reason: I'd be too weirded out by the thought of drinking milk that came from the nipple of some woman I don't know :/
    Or any woman, to be honest. Haha.

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    Well Grapejuice your the only one so far haha .. breast milk is actually wining lol

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