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Thread: Self-Defense in Philadelphia

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    Default Self-Defense in Philadelphia

    I'm moving to Philadelphia soon. It's in a nice neighborhood, but obviously I'll wander into bad territory eventually. I have a passing interest in martial arts and self-defense techniques, so I know enough moves to get me out of some situations, but I'm a skinny nerd with mediocre strength. Whether I'll use it or not, I want to keep a weapon with me.

    PA law forbids blackjacks, sandbags, and tasers, and Philadelphia law forbids knives of any kind. I heard somewhere that extendable batons are also considered blackjacks, and are police-only, which is a shame. I am personally opposed to carrying a handgun or other firearm, as not only would I need a permit, but attempting NOT to kill someone with a lethal weapon is difficult. This limits my options.

    I possess a suburito: a kind of bokken (wooden sword) that is heaver and has no guard. I bought it from a novelty shop, and the craftsmanship shows with very small imperfections in the handle. That means it might break or shatter if struck with a pipe or well-made baseball bat. However, I know good soft-parries, so this piece of wood is better than nothing.

    What problems do you foresee with me carrying this on my belt at all times?

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    I see cops mistaking it for a real sword. But ultimately it is a stick in a neat shape if they hassle you ask them if they would hasle someone carrying a bat or a cane or walking staff.

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    Well one problem i can foresee is people might look at you weird.... but who cares right o_O

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    Quote Originally Posted by Your Worst Nightmare View Post
    Wow, is Philly really THAT bad?
    From my experience, it isn't, but I've never been to any "bad parts" (if they exist) so I wouldn't know. Best to be safe in a big city, right?

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    You should be fine unarmed though... but they do say better safe then sorry!

    OH i have a great idea why don't you get a Sakabatou ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SquishyTushy View Post
    You should be fine unarmed though... but they do say better safe then sorry!

    OH i have a great idea why don't you get a Sakabatou ?
    I should not have to tell you that that counts as a knife.

    Philadelphia Ordnance 10-820:

    Cutting Weapon. Any knife or other cutting instrument which can be used as a weapon that has a cutting edge similar to that of a knife. No tool or instrument commonly or ordinarily used in a trade, profession or calling shall be considered a cutting weapon while actually being used in the active exercise of that trade, profession or calling.
    Prohibited Conduct. No person shall use or possess any cutting weapon upon the public streets or upon any public property at any time.

    Quote Originally Posted by Light
    Are you experienced on nunchaku ?
    No. I do plan to learn escrima very soon though, so I will be skilled with short sticks (single/double).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valerye View Post
    Just get a stink paintball gun.
    Philadelphia Ordnance 10-810

    Spring Guns, Air Guns and Bows and Arrows.[160]
    No person shall sell, offer for sale at retail, or use, or possess with intent to use, any air gun, spring gun, or any implement not a firearm which forcefully impels a pellet of any kind.

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