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Thread: Cartoon Underwear, Diapers and me

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    For at least the last 10 years I have worn toddler underwear (funpals, showtoons, gap, etc) and diapers. Not for any other reason but the feeling. I know it sounds crazy (hopefully not on this site).

    It started after some abuse occurred in which I dreamed of building a machine that could spank me and diaper me like a baby. I came from a family that did not set a lot of boundaries so it was hard to determine what was right and wrong when some events happened in my childhood. (please do not send me private messages asking me what happened ... I will not reply ... it is in the past and does not directly effect my reasons for wearing them today)

    Having a relaxed home environment of course has it good side too when it comes to my love for infant related items as my Mom has been supportive throughout my childhood and although it has not came up in conversations for some time I know she would still be supportive. I still feel like a kid and I guess I kind of still am a kid.

    I am currently in my graduate studies (mathematics ... so excuse any grammar issues) with a desire to obtain a doctorate in the field before I reach 30. I love school and never had issues with life as I usually hang around the with a close group of friends.

    I am single and have a real close girlfriend who really is understanding and supportive. Like a mom to me and a good friend (best of both worlds).

    The only time I got caught at school was in the 7th grade wearing pokemon underwear (what they did not notice was my diaper underneath). It haunted me for a good month or two but it eventually just became a secondary conversation at most, as they did not get the reaction from me when the comments would be made at school. I got more comments about wearing briefs when it started settling down.

    Close friends know I wear them and it is never really an issue. Diapers come in great when you are out drinking with friends ... just do not be silly and intentionally release a full bladder! (accidents do happen)

    As mentioned I do not wear diapers to control leakage and just for fun. I do release small amounts of urine when I am wearing a diaper throughout the day. It does gets full by the end of the day. The last two days have been unique as I have gone through a few extra diapers as I am releasing a little more then normal as I am inside and do not have to worry about making a diaper last for the whole day.

    I look forward to reading stories and sharing a few when I have the energy or looking for a time killer between studies.

    (to be continued)

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    Okay... now we know all about you underwear habits, a lot about your urinary habits, and a tad about drinking habits. I bet you have a graduate students' lounge with cheap beer!

    How you prefer your underthings decorated is not unusual... and we all get it. A big part of the deal is "knowing" you are in pokemon-bedecked stuff, whether it feels any different or not; but then many people drive something with the 8, instead of the 6... not because anyone else can tell or would know the difference, but for their personal pride of ownership. Even more so with the restorers: knowing they have an original leather gasket deep in the bowels of the thing, not a modern rubber one, though the gasket is invisible, and oily muck-covered anyway.

    All this is to say: yeah your interests are not eye-brow-raising, nor in any way uncommon; nor even incomprehensible to the non-fetishist, if they can process simple analogies.

    Soooo... underthing stuff aside... who are your favorite mathematicians, and which sorts of math turn your crank? No, really, there are a few people around who'll know what you are talking about; in fact, you may be staring the motherlode of diapered math types right in the face and not know it...

    Musical tastes? There is much expertise on rap/dance/hiphop/electronica floating about here; and metallists, and classicists... Zappa fans... bound to be people who share tastes with you... if you tell us what they are

    We are actually not big on diaper fantasies/activities in intro forums; we do have other places for going into that sort of thing. (There are many minors on here...) Do check the other forums, to see what sort of thing is approved of and welcomed...

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    I, for one, welcome your presence here on the boards and like your introduction (can't wait to talk to you on IRC when you have time away from your studies), but irony has been intriguing: how can a place that caters to toddler-wannabes, man-children, and kid-adults have such a keystone name as kid be available for so long?
    anyways, is there anything you're studying as far as mathematics is concerned?

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    Welcome to ADISC, very interesting intro, looking forward to hearing more from you, but in the mean time enjoy this place=)

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    *raises hand* Soon-to-be-undergrad here. I'm curious to hear about your area of specialization in math.

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