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Thread: Diaper demographics

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    Lightbulb Diaper demographics

    I am wondering what is the 'racial/ ethnic demographic of the average diaper lover. Is there more of one group, or another?

    To break it down, I am classifying race as the following:
    Arabic or Middle Eastern
    Native American
    Pacific (From the Phillipines to Hawaii)
    Other (in case I forgot one)

    And add your Ethnic background, to be specific

    I am Hispanic and White, Ethnic I am Spanish from one parent, and hafl Irish and Russian from the other

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    1/4 Norwegian
    1/4 Danish
    1/2 American Mash Up (Mostly English, but all sorts of other stuff in there, including some American Indian)

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    white underneath tho.

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    I am Hispanic/White.

    50% Hispanic from my mother's side.
    And 50% of Swedish/Welsh/whatever from my dad's side.

    On all college/scholarship applications, I answer Hispanic to this question. So I suppose I'll answer Hispanic to this one too?

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    White, though I was adopted, so who knows! If I was matched up to my parents, it would be German and Lenni Lenape.

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    My heritage is written right
    <-- here, where it says "location"

    I'm just missing the blue eyes from the stereotypical image of a German.


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    100% Bunny


    1/2 French Canadian - Mother was 100% French Canadian
    1/4 Norwegian - Paternal grandmother was from Norway
    Remainder Mainly Northern European - Finnish, Scotch, Irish, German

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