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Thread: Busted (again) What do you all think?

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    Default Busted (again) What do you all think?

    Got diapered up and wifey walked in.

    We have a master suite with a private bath which I used to diaper up this morn. I pulled loose jeans over my diaper and was completely dressed. I was walking from our bath to my side of our room with my baby powder and she walked in. I kinda cupped the baby powder and stashed it quickly into my laundry hamper. Thought I went undetected.

    Later I was fixing breakfast and she came up behind me and patted my butt. I tried to dismiss it as playful affection, but she slapped my but hard enough to make the obvious THUD. She commented 'Boy, I expected a poof of baby powder when I did that!". BUSTED.

    She knows I like diapers but she has made it plain that she doesn't like it. I try to be as discreet as possible, respecting her sensibilities. I told her I was sorry cuz I know it makes her uncomfortable and she told me 'I know you can't help it'. She also said 'I love you'. I told her I'd take it off.

    We had shopping to do for company coming over that afternoon. I hadn't had the opportunity to get out of my diaper yet (maybe I wan't quite ready?). As we walked from the car to the store she patted my butt again and smiled. I think she was just letting me know that she could tell I was still diapered.

    My dillema is that she has told me that she doesn't like my diapers and I have told her that I'd be discreet. I like the idea that she was a bit playful about my diaper today. I liked it when she patted my but and seemed amused that I was diapered. I'M CONFUSED!!!

    I wish she'd relax once and for all and just enjoy herself with me. What do you all think?

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    I think that she enjoys that you're happy, and it's obvious that she likes you. You should really talk to her about how she really feels about the whole thing, and let her know about the mixed emotions she's giving you.

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    I think you should keep playing it by ear....if you can continue to Try and hide it and if your wife can continue to try and be Playful about it then you might be on the path to having her accept it... i mean whats the worst thats gonna happen ? would she throw you out ? i doubt it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    I think that she enjoys that you're happy, and it's obvious that she likes you. You should really talk to her about how she really feels about the whole thing, and let her know about the mixed emotions she's giving you.
    What Pojo said. I don't think she really minds as much as you think she does.

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    Thanks Pojo. You always seem to have sage advice. I think you are absolutely right. We've been together a very long time. We've discussed diapers before, but it has been taboo for awhile. Would be good to clear the air on this.

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    Sounds like she is opening up to the idea and letting you be you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by barkd74 View Post
    Sounds like she is opening up to the idea and letting you be you.
    Would certainly be nice, but I'm not sure. I dont' want to be offensive to her. She's known a long time, but has never been accepting. Then she goes and pats my butt. I dunno.

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    Quote Originally Posted by puffybottom View Post
    Of course you are... Women were not intended to make any sense at all.

    (kidding... sorta)

    The fact that she said "I love you" is telling. It's a show of acceptance. Not "i want to be your mommy and change your shitty diapers" acceptance, but an amicable "if you're doing your own thing and I accidentally notice it, it doesn't bother me" acceptance.

    In other words, she still wants you to be discreet, but you shouldn't worry that she'll stop loving you if she catches you in the act. I'd recommend the status quo... Keep your fetish to yourself as something you enjoy on your own, and respect the fact that she doesn't want to be involved. I don't think I've ever heard of a relationship where both parties didn't have something they enjoy to do "on their own", and the alone time can actually be good for you, and very therapeutic.

    For my partner and I it's me working on my car, and him gaming on the computer. A little different than having to hide something, but my partner wants nothing to do with my car interests, and playing WOW to me is akin to getting a root canal. It gives us time to be on our own once in a while.

    The one thing I would work on with your wife is communicating with her about when you indulge in the hobby, so she knows when to steer clear. It sounds like she genuinely respects the fact that you have this interest, and being able to communicate about when you have "your time" would be beneficial to the both of you.

    Edit... About the above posters saying that you should "nudge" the issue towards her, in hopes of further acceptance or participation... Your wife knows about it, and if she wants to be a part of it herself, she will tell you. Pressuring her in any way is the perfect way to turn her off completely, not only about your hobby, but emotionally as well. Remember that marriage is an "all in" situation, and any amount of uncomfortable (to her) pressuring could negatively affect all aspects of your relationship with her.

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    WOW. What an articulate response. Thanks NEJAY. I think your advice is sound. Its reassuring to think that she can accept me and what I do, and its wise to back off and keep things discreet.


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    Im not so good at relationships, but I totally wouldnt stay with someone if they disliked me wearing.....

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