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    i was invited here a few months ago

    I discovered diapers jus after puberty and jus bfore my freshman year in highschool i begin thinking that i had rushed thru my chlldhood and diapers for me, was one way to reclaim my childhood

    but that wasnt my only reason for reverting to diapers, I have Cerberal Palsy and have problem controling my bowel and bladder, problem with constipation because im not that active

    well it seems i have writters block jus thought id get this intro done

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    Welcome, Goodnightmoon. I LOVE that children's book, by the way. I think you'll find this is a very nice and supportive community - and well moderated (which is the key). As always, we/I would love to know more about you - your interests (other than diapers), hobbies, etc...


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    Let me welcome you as well. I think this is a good site, and mostly good people associated with it. A lot of us have something that we have to deal with, even a member or two with CP. I hope you will feel comfortable posting with the rest of us.

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    Welcome goodnightmoon92 to ADISC, hope you enjoy the community we have hear and if you need anything, all you have to do is PM,Post or ask... anyone including me ^_^

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    Welcome to ADISC, goodnightmoon92!

    Hope you enjoy it here.

    I have CP aswell, it's only a slight case though, it only really effects my right foot.

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    Yes, we are now big enough you'll find others with stuff in common, no matter how rare or offbeat that stuff may be. Welcome aboard: and do please feel free to say whatever else you may hope to find in common with our glorious masses... I betcha there are many of us all ready and eager to chat with you on whatever you like to talk about...

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