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    ... i like diapers
    What an odd coincidence, I do too! What are the chances?

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    How about a lil more about your self buddy, your not exactly breaking the mold or ice rigt now but Welcome non the less

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    umm ok i play drums ive been playing for 7 years i love music especially classic rock umm im a junior in high school and im ojn tghe track team im extremely sarcastic and oh yea im straight

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    Awesome you've been playing for seven years .. you must be pretty good what kinda set do you have (what brand and how many toms n cymbals n such)

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    i got a pearl exr export series its a 5 piece i use zildjian cymbals i have 5 cymbals and also three remo roto toms

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    Nice setup i used to play as well i had a yamaha stage series custom but i sold it a while ago cause i got lazyyyy

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    *is a bassist... and a violinist*

    music = life

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    Welcome from another musician. I'm a keyboardist and played in a rock band for 15 years.

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