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Thread: Have to say goodbye..

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    Default Have to say goodbye..

    Nothing personal, I just can't afford the risk.. The only time I can get on here is at school, and thats tough to do without getting caught. I have a computer at home, but very little time to get online, due to my mom's business. It's hard to get on here at all, let alone get off before I get caught on here.

    So anyway, it's a cool site, but I just can't take the risk.. So mods, please feel free to delete my account when you can. Maybe I'll come back on a later date.

    (Does this belong in the requests forum?)

    Stay cool, see ya later.

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    I am sorry to hear that, it is always sad for me to see people leave for any reason. Even if I did not actually know them. Thats because it just sets the community a step backwards from growing :-/

    Well good luck, hope you eventually have time to come back.

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