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Thread: what do you think about my story

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    Default what do you think about my story

    I have a pack of diapers in my closet but I only use them on weekends when my parents go to bed and when I do I only use them when I have to wet. and when I do ( i know some people have trouble letting go ) I find that if you drink alot of water and like lock yourself out of a bathroom it is alot easier to go and when I do go my diaper leaks so I normally have to double up. if anyone has any other ideas on how to make it easier to go. oh and one time I drank alot of water before bed and so I doubled up. when I woke up in the morning I had soaked both diapers my pajamas ( down do my feet ) and I had a huge puddle of pee on the bed I'm a little worried that i wet to much in bed do you think I am?

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    I'm going to be a good old boy and try to answer this thread. And all of its questions to the best of my ability. However you said in the name of this thread that it is a story, is it a story, are you a story? Since you are being so unspecific and confusing, I will just treat this like it actually happened and answer the questions you have in the post.

    I suggest, you wear them more, its unlikely that your parents will find out. Just wear at night, and leave the lights in your room off. If it is really true, the second part, or any of this, what you should do, is wash your bed. Even the mattress, were Americans, everything is huge, just jam it in the washer. I think if the truth of this story is at or above 100% that you need to... uhhr, severely wash!

    Also, get better diapers if at all possible. Truthness remains to be seen, but I hope I helped.

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    I don't like your story...

    but welcome to the forums!

    Your advise on drinking water was very good though, and your story had a degree of cohesion to it that we don't always see. >.>

    To answer your final question: I don't think you are wetting too much.

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    Story? *looks around* I think I missed it..

    But um.. yeah, it would seem that you pee too much.. Wash your stuff, and buy some Abenas maybe..

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    Okay before me or anyone can give you some reliable help I have some qeustions...
    1.) What kind of diapers do you wear/use?
    2.) How long have you worn diapers for (when was first time your tried diapers?)
    3.) About How long (in seconds) do you pee for on average?

    The only thing I can give you advice for from the information you gave is how to pee more easily. It is a very common thing for people to have trouble peeing in diapers, specially when your relatiely new to it. There are several things you can do to help yoursel pee when you want. If I understand you correctly the only way you can pee in a diaper is from locking the bathroom door and drinking lots of water so that you have to pee a lot, correct?
    Well if that is what you ment here are some things to try....
    1.) Try peeing sitting on the toilet with just a diaper and a shirt. This will trick your mind into thinking that because your in the bathroom sitting on the potty, that it will be okay to pee and your bladder will relax more easily.
    2.) Try wearing more often, because the more you practice the easier it will get to relax enough to pee when you want. Eventually with enough practice you will be able to pee even when you only need to go a little, and in any position. If your worried about people noticing just ask and I will give you some tips on how to hide that too.
    3.) Try peeing in different positions like, standing, sitting, squating, laying on stomach and laying on back. This way you will know what the easiest postions to pee for you are, and then you will know postions that are hard for you to pee in so you can practice those positions.

    Like I said it is normal to have a hard time relaxing enough to pee. Mainly because all of our lifes we have been trained to not pee unless we are sitting on the potty. So when you try to pee with a diaper on your brain is like "NOOOO STOP!!!" because it does not exactly understand that its okay to pee, even though you want to pee. When I first started wearing years ago, I could only pee standing in a diaper and it was still hard to relax enough to pee. After practicing though I have learned to be able to pee in almost any position and can pee at almost anytime too. Like they say, practice makes perfect!

    Good luck!
    If you would like some more advice, answer my qeustions and I will answer the other qeustions you had. I need more information to be able to able to give you proper advice.

    Oh yeah! Please make an introduction post in the introduction forum, we would love to know more about you!

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    That sounds like a horrible bed wetting episode.

    Not to state more of the obvious... Eclipse's advice on this matter is solid.

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