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Thread: Gettin' warm for the winter!

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    Default Gettin' warm for the winter!

    I will be away for a couple of weeks for the holidays. We are headed for South Africa tomorrow evening to visit friends. -4C and snow predicted here in Norway this week, 27C and sunny in Johannesburg (and our friends have a pool!) I want a tan for Christmas!

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    Lucky you closet dl, i have work and school for the holidays -__- but you have fun and enjoy your holiday we'll miss you!

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    South Africa? Way cool. Especially versus Norway :P (BTW, I officially envy you, as I've been looking with favor on Norway's stance on copyright, open source and net neutrality for a long time now.) Have fun!


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    Well, I am back in Norway and will be checking in and posting regularly again.

    South Africa was a blast! I we saw tons of animals, and my four year old daughter got to play with lion cubs and swim with penguins! Christmas dinner was on the patio with the kids wearing swimsuits!

    Now that I am back in Norway, I can feel my tan disappearing by the second. It is snowy here and temperatures are not forecast to be above freezing for at least the next week. And the sun doesn't get above the 10 o'clock position in the southern sky during the short 6 hours of daylight. Well, at least I got my Vitamin D supply for a little while!

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