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Thread: What kind should i get?

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    Question What kind should i get?


    i was wondering if I should get large kids diapers (goodnites l/xl, walgreens sleep pants etc) or small adult diapers. i am 15 year old male and i really want some. if i am about 110-115 pounds, about 5 1/2 feet tall, and waist size about 30". (kind of tall and very skinny) what should i get??? without my parents knowing

    any help would be appreciated

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    Welcome to the Site! I reccomend you post your introduction in the introductions forum. We like to have new members tell a bit about themselves when they join!

    As for your question, Goodnites are not really that absorbant and they leak a lot but if you are looking for size go with them. If you are looking for absorbancy go for a small adult. I have wore small depends when I had a 31 in waist and they worked nicely.

    If you can access them, Abena X-Plusses are supposed to be really good but not many stores carry them. Seeing you are 15, you probably are buying in-store... Which I also do and I hate it... >

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    get the small adult or even medium adult. I have a 30 inch waist myself and I try to stick to mediums. Also goodnites suck, I used them as protection when I had a bad case of the flu. They were good for the just in case point of view but using them was a different story. They aren't designed to hold a lot it seems.

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    My waist is fairly small, also about 30 inches, and when I was 16 and buying my first diapers I accidentally bought medium instead of small. I was kicking myself but in the end they ended up fitting better. In my experience a lot of brands have a pretty huge size gap between medium and large. It's aggravating. But yeah, go for adult mediums, any brand other than Depends (even a store brand) will do good to get you started. You can get Goodnites in a pinch, but really, legit adult diapers are better.


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    Dood! Do yourself a favor and find some decent small adult disposables. Baby diapers have a great babyish appeal, but you absolutely cannot beat the feel of a well fitted diaper. Even if you must start with depends, you could double them up for thickness, or use a baby diaper as a stuffer.


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    Which is better: buying in store or online? how would i get them without anyone seeing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dopey94 View Post
    Which is better: buying in store or online? how would i get them without anyone seeing?
    Well here are some things to think about when you are making the choice:

    Are you far from a store? Will you need a parent to take you? If so, then you may need to buy online.

    Do you think you could overcome the fear of buying in a store? Remember, everyone will see you with a package of diapers, and you will have to checkout yourself! It can be scary the first couple of times.

    If you decide to order online, do you think you can get the package past your parents? Do they usually snoop through the stuff you get in the mail?

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    Well, if you can get a moment where your parents are not home, buy online. You can also get much better brands online. (Abena X-Plus and Bambino are supposed to be really good)

    If you buy online, find a medical site or somewhere that ships discreetly. I have heard that Bambino is really discreet. The pkg label and i think the billing name says BH Group.

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    Has anyone tried the Walgreens Sleep Pants? they are cheap only $10

    the other adult diapers are much more expensive.

    are they discreet shipping? How would i order from Walgreens online if i dont have a credit card or anything??? How Do You Order Online?

    Also remember my size in the 1st post. i am borderline i think ???
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    They are probably discreet. idk. but, as for payment, you can get a visa/amex gift card or even a walgreens gift card

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