This is to all the D/FW locals...

If you feel like performing your music live in front of a few people, I'm trying to put together a small pavilion show at Rickel Park -> Hurst Parks Department

I'm trying to get this done either during the week or earlier on in the weekend, if you would like to be added to the setlist, or if you know someone who wants to perform let me know!

This isn't going to be exclusively furry/tb/dl/whatev, so bring your normal friends too n.n

There won't be a charge for attending, just show up, We'll be renting a pavilion. There's lots of space and you may suit if you like (in fact it's encouraged). This will be a presentation sponsored by WEPLAYSMALLSTAGES -> WEPLAYSMALLSTAGES on MySpace Films - New Films & Documentaries

We can make this event as big or as small as we like. Privately message me, hit me up on FA or email me at [email protected]