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Thread: What U.S. President Would you be the most like if you were President?

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    Default What U.S. President Would you be the most like if you were President?

    Personally, a mixture of Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, and Teddy.

    I believe in small gov't, allowing businesses to prosper and watching out for the middle classes.

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    The realization of Bobby Kennedy.

    Probably FDR.

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    John Adams FTW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire2box View Post
    Hopefully Regan.
    He and Teddy are my fav presidents. But I am most like Coolidge and Hoover

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    Quote Originally Posted by scoo View Post
    "Dead jfk" wouldn't be bad.
    JFK didn't really have a great presidency, his legacy is transformed by his untimely death.

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    JFK. Minus the whole assassination thing.


    G.W.Bush. As I love his ability to make everyone take the same side(Albeit hating him) on an issue for once!...Okay, maybe it's too late for a bush joke :P

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    Which US President would I be like? Like, which one would I act like?

    Eisenhower, probably. This is assuming that I could say and do pretty much anything and people would go "what a cool guy!"

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