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Thread: Your last diaper.

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    Default Your last diaper.

    Right now i'm wearing the last diaper in my stash. I put it on at like 7 last night, and a little before I went to bed I soaked it pretty well. Considering it's a Depends, it pretty much filled up. I usually don't sleep in a wet diaper but I decided to seeing as how it's my last one, and when I woke up this morning I wet it again to the point of a little leg-band leakage.

    So my question for all of you is, when that long-dreaded moment comes, and you're down to your very last diaper, do you try to make it last/do something "special" with it? I mean, I know there isn't really anything special you can do with it, but do you try to get the best out of it in some way?

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    Well, I just try not to waste it. I mean I don't wear it when I know I will have to take it off soon, or if I think I will soon need to go number 2,... I try to wear it for the longest time I feel comfortable wearing it. However it doesn't happen often as since a few years I've always been able to buy diapers when needed. But, since I'm kinda short on money since a few weeks, I began saving them and repressing my urge to wear, for fear of not having any diaper left at home in case of emergency

    Does anyone else wear more often when the package is full, and tends to save them when the stash is shortening?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PuerAeternus View Post

    Does anyone else wear more often when the package is full, and tends to save them when the stash is shortening?

    Oh yeah. I wear em like I just won the damn lottery when the package is full.

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    I live in a continual state of 'crap I haven't got many left', even when I've just bought a new pack. Because of that, I don't think I've ever let my self run out

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    luckily, my parents know of my...bussiness >.> and i always make sure i have some on hand

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    I tend to wear it as long as I can, but the absorbent material tends to clump up overnight, and then becomes uncomfortable. But yeah, when I get a new pack I wear until I can't anymore (school, outing, etc. etc.)

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    I will usually soak it as much as possible and wear it for as long as possible. If I have worn it wet for a while I will usually poop in it. I only poop in one or two diapers per pack bc I don't like the feeling so much as to where I must do it every night but not so little to where I never do it so, the last one is usually the one I mess.

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    I fixed that problem buy never running out, I keep a case around at all times when I get down to the last pack I buy more.

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    When I went to put on the ones I'm wearing now, I realised that I've only got a few left. I'll probably order a new batch - and so will try to use these ones sparingly until the new ones arrive. So in answer to the question, I probably won't do anything special with them, other than the usual, but will just try not to get through them too quickly. Will also try not to waste them by doing things like ripping the tapes off, which happens now and again!

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