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Thread: Whats your favorite Austin Powers line and or scene?

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    Default Whats your favorite Austin Powers line and or scene?

    whats your favorite Austin Powers line and or scene?

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    would you like a smoke and a pancake?

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    NOthing like sharks with laser beams attached to their heads: YouTube - Sharks With Freakin' Lasers Attached To Their Heads.

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    There are so many...but I think for me I have it down to three:

    " we don't gnaw on our kitteh."

    YouTube - We don't gnaw our kitty

    "How 'bout NO?!"

    YouTube - Austin Powers in Goldmember - 'How About 'No' You Crazy Dutch B*****d!!!'

    And the whole "Scotty Don't" dialogue from the third one always makes me crack up...especially the "Oh..." "OHHH...." part.

    YouTube - Austin Powers - Scotty Don't (HQ)
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    Scotty don't, How bout no, Sharks with Laserbeams and Schmoke and a pancake (Pipe and a crepe? ) are all equally good for me.

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    Any scene that had the fembots in it, I love those babydoll nighties!

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    "Doctor evil, I'll make you deal. You keep your money, you get your mojo, but I get your baby!" -Fat Bastard-

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    Babyyyyyyyy, baby back ribs!

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    "Uh yeah i'd like to have an order of TheCreamOf SumYungGuy" hahaha..... ooopps thats Waynes World =P

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    I like when the guard is about to be flattened by the steam roller for like two whole minutes while Austin Powers tries to find the brake.

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    Both of the silhouette scenes. The guards' horrified faces are hilarious.

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