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Thread: Gotta LOVE used booksstore finds....

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    Default Gotta LOVE used booksstore finds....

    Earlier today I found a book at a used bookstore in my hometown for only a dollar. Guess what... the book was a Star Trek Deep Space Nine novel called A Stitch in Time by Andrew J. Robinson, who had played Garak on Star Trek Deep Space Nine. The book.... SHUDDERS in delight.... was AUTOGRAPHED by Andrew J. Robinson!!!!! Garak himself.

    The man who bought the exiled Cardassian to life on Star Trek Deep Space Nine!

    TALK ABOUT A FIND! And before anyone questions the authenticity of the autograph, I already did. I checked several well-known Star Trek sites and it is the real deal! For only a DOLLAR!!!!!

    That proves to me you can never know what you find at a used bookstore. And it is not the first autographed book I found.


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    Ay Dubya Ee Ess Oh Em Ee.

    You can probably fetch a pretty penny on eBay with that...

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    Yeah, but I am not selling it. I am keeping it. It is a rare find. It's always good to find something good like that.


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    Wow, that is awesome. I don't think I've found an actual autographed book before, but I don't comb used bookstores often enough to warrant that kind of luck. The population density where I am is high enough that most lucky finds of that kind are either marked up appropriately by the seller, or gone within half a day. That said, we did find a rather battered first edition of the Discordian Bible one evening. That was a worthwhile find, though it cost a bit more than a dollar.

    I tend to make out like a bandit at the local Half Price bookstore. Some of the used bookstores around here aren't especially good deals by my standards; but then again, I recall getting sticker shock the last time I walked into a Barnes & Noble. The shop I go to has an extensive dollar shelf upstairs, and last time I was there, I found 8 books I wanted, including two that were in like-new condition and perfect for a couple people on my Christmas list.

    I've often found myself reminiscing about a favorite book, only to have it show up on the clearance shelf shortly thereafter. The latest one was "The Eyes of the Dragon" by Stephen King... which isn't one of his more commonly-found works, but is my favorite of the ones I've read. My luck tends to be good enough that I've gone from looking for a particular book I want, to just opportunistically searching the clearance shelves for good finds. Considering my tendency to accrue library finds, the used bookstore route is pretty much a win... I'm at the point where I need to craigslist a new bookcase; all our shelves are packed, and I still have books that need homes. Overflowing bookshelves isn't a bad problem to have, though... unless you're moving.

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    AWESOME!!! nice!!! If I had it, I would have shrieked like a little girl. Andy 'Garak' Robinson is an excellent actor

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