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Thread: Do you like seeing other peoples bodily functions?

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    Default Do you like seeing other peoples bodily functions?

    Menstrual blood

    so that means used diapers, kleenex, bloody tampons and pads.

    Or do you not want to see any of this?

    I was told it was human nature to not want to see any of this stuff and this stuff has never bothered me when I see it. I had a thing with poop and pee when I was little and I enjoyed watching people blowing their noses and babies getting their diapers changed seeing what they did in their diapers. So cleaning bathrooms doesn't gross me out and it's not an issue for me.

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    I absolutely hate seeing all of that. Blech. Especially tampons and pads. It sicks me out and makes me want to throw up.

    I can handle my own, but anyone else's really sicks me out.

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    Eh, not really my thing I guess = /

    Actually, the thought of some of that kind of makes me gag.

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    I have some experiences in water sports, it's a lot of fun. The other stuff, messing is only if its in the diaper. No to the other two, especially menstruation. Blood squicks me out.

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    A haiku of fun is in order:

    These things are icky,
    I have been a janitor.
    People are sick freaks.


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    I love used diapers but the other stuff just grosses me out.

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    I have no problem whatsoever with menstruation. It's pretty interesting. It's not exactly a turn on, but it's not a turn off either.

    I like watersports a lot, and I just don't have a problem with pee.

    I'd rather not get too personal with anyone's poop because it's hardly hygenic. It doesn't actively discuss me though.

    Snot's not disguting, but I think anyone above the age of five picking their nose in public lacks class.

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    I can't see blood, so the last thing I would want is to take any interest in a girl's periodic blood loss. Yes, it's a vital bodily function of the female population, but I'm afraid they'll have to keep that away from me as much as possible. THe same applies to wounds of any kind - keep that away from me!

    Also, I see no fascination in watching people pulling boogers out of their nose and sharing it with the people nearby, asking for comments along the line of "This should go to Ripley's Believe It Or Not!". If you need to blow your nose, try to be discreet about it. I don't want your germs!

    Now...the other two. This is a diaper forum, and I have an interest in diapers. So I couldn't hold the same attitude towards pee and poop as I do with blood. That'd be somewhat hypocritical.
    It's always a good idea to take extra care with stuff coming out of your or other people'S bodies. Blood may contain AIDS, snot will contain germs a plenty, and poop has more germs in it than you can shake a stick at. Pee on the other hand is pretty much sterile when leaving the body. That's why mommy nature makes us disgusted with those substances by default - self protection mechanism.
    That said, I would prefer not to be present when people go #2, but if someone were to do it anyway, I wouldn't have a problem with it as long as there's no risk involved for me. I.e. do it in a diaper, or your pants by all means. That should contain any potential hazards to my health. Heck, I've cleaned up people's poopy (adult) diapers, so it's not that big of a deal if you know how to protect yourself (wipes, washing hands many times, not keeping food nearby).
    Pee on the other hand is pretty safe, so there's not much of a problem playing around with it. Doesn't mean I want you to shower me in pee (eww!), but if you fancy having me around while emptying your bladder, I won't object. Actually...reminds me of my friend in kindergarten. For reasons I don't recall, she couldn't stand being alone for just a minute and always made me continue talking to her when she used the bathroom, so I more or less watched her anyway. I've seen people peeing (or using their diaper) often enough, so any curiosity as to the technical process has long since vanished. Still, being around someone who's peeing has two interesting aspects for me:
    (1) It can be part of regression, as babies don't care who'S around when they need to go.
    (2) In a more adult setting, it can be used to humiliate someone by taking away their right to privacy and thus making them pee under supervision.
    Or maybe some people just like to show off and get a rise out of it?! Either way, you're bound to get a few humiliating comments from me


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    I'm absolutely fine with urine and blood (menstrual included, as an...erm...alternative artist) but poo is just....BLEGH. I mean, urine is one thing. (I've used my own for urine therapy. Yes. Squicky, I know.) But poo is just....dirty and blegh and.....makes me wanna puke. (I was traumatized as a child by my food allergies and always-drunk father that any talk about poop makes me gag.)

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    Butterfly Mage


    Succinctly: hell no.

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