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Thread: I think im Losing Control..

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    Default I think im Losing Control..

    Okay so here is the situation, i've been wearing diapers for close to 9 years by choice and in the last year, year and a half i've started to notice a reduced ability to "Hold on" and make it to a bathroom, mostly when i have to pee.

    Im kinda worried because i think that i might be conditioning my body to getting used to not having to hold it, because when ever i am wearing i meditate on not having to think about it and just focus on completely relaxing to the point where i will sometimes dribble on and off for minutes at a time before i realize im getting wet. And even more so, more occasionally im starting to get a re occurring feeling that i've wet myself (familiar strain and then release of certain muscles, warmth in between legs and the feeling of cold dampness afterwards) but it always turns out that im not wet. Well not ALL the time but mostly.

    Anyways its getting me worried because i think i might be losing control .. does anyone think this is possible or has ever heard of something like this .. im pretty clueless and not sure what i should do about it.

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    Sounds like your on you way to becoming incontinent like I did. Its worth when you have been wearing diapers for so many years.

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    I suggest re-conditioning yourself to holding it. When wearing diapers, instead of meditating and relaxing, try to hold it for as long as you can and flood when it gets uncomfortable.

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    Well incontinentyorg, i know it might be worth it after wearing for so many years but the truth is, there are times in my profesional life where i would really rather prefer to retain control as i would not find adjusting my entire lifestyle an "easy" task.

    And link i try and hold it as long as i can when im not in diapers during the day but still near a bathroom and thats how i started to realize this problem... thing is that when im wearing i can't really register the application of desperation... its like i turn a switch unconsciously when i get a diaper on that says "okay your wearing you bathroom, no more thougts on that subject now till you realize you need a change"

    but i never dreamed that practicing that kind of mentality would lead to this, i didn't think it was possible.. maybe its not and im just damaging something ?

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    Flex your PC muscle... You know when you stop the flow? Just make yourself do that, even if you aren't going. Just flex it for like 5 seconds and let it relax a little, then do it again like... 40 times twice a day or something. If you start going, stop it and hold it, then let it go a little bit and stop it again, etc...

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    What is a PC muscle? im sure i know how to use it .. im just not sure about which one your referring to specifically.

    But if it has to do with stopping flow with out physically holding an appendage then i believe thats where this problem might be stemming from, im no doctor but you see cause when i try and hold on, this slightly sharp pinch starts to build up that doesn't result in pain as much as it does leaks you know ? i mean it will start to come out eventually regardless of how tight i keep it and i seem to remember the time it took for that to happen being a lot longer.

    Since i used to be a bedwetter due to an undersized bladder(or so some doctor advised me) does anyone think that this could be because i should have stopped wearing when i started having more dry nights then wet ?

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    That's not a bad idea tygerlily. After all, it is a muscle, exercise it!

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    That would definately be your PC muscle then... it sounds like you've let it atrophy a bit.

    When you "hold it," you are subconsciously flexing your PC muscle; in fact, you were probably relaxing it most of the time you were focusing on not thinking about holding it.

    You can feel it contract and relax if you put your fingers below your scrotum and push up lightly.

    No matter what you are using, stop the flow, hold it, and let it start again (rinse and repeat...) until you're done.

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    Okay sooo i've been doing this literally and consciously since you told me about it and i don't see any improvement .. on the contrary i seem to be losing the amount of time im able to hold it in.. i dunno its just that when the pressure builds i try to flex tat muscle but its like a lot more muscle build up too and it feels like im trying to push it out instead of keep it in which is what im actually trying to do .... i dont know what to do now

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    I think what you're describing, if I'm hearing/understanding you correctly, is more a mental, state of mind. When I wear a lot in the summer, I tend to fall into that relaxing mode. We certainly train our mind in certain ways, particularly if you regress. I think the whole relaxing, auto self-hypnosis which we probably do sub-consciously can then slip us back into that state of being. When that happens, you replicate mentally what you have been doing previously, on purpose. The only way to subvert this is to stop wearing/regressing for awhile, in my opinion.

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