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Thread: Pokemon Overalls

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    Default Pokemon Overalls

    So after searching for Pokemon clothes on ebay, I thought I'd see if there were like Japanese baby bibs. Instead to my suprise I found a pair of overalls when I searched 'Pokemon Bib'.

    Was a must have, was asking all my friends "Would this fit me?" I bought it anyways. It arrived yesterday, it's a tad tight, mostly where the braces are too short, I'll just find some more at a work overalls shop.

    So I decided to be really childish, and wear them in town today, along with my Mario t-shirt, and I even straightened my hair. I really enjoyed myself going out into town, seeing peoples faces, and my friends thought my overalls were awesome. Though my friend Jack who is HUGE wanted to pick me up by my overalls.

    (Picture quality not so great due to using laptop webcam)

    Anyone here ever found some awesome finds online? Anyone got awesome overalls?

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    They are cute what size are you, maybe they will fit me and I look into getting a pair....

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    Hope you were wearing a nappy under them in case you got over excited! Teeheehee

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    Well the tag size is 12, 28 in width and has a 27 inseam. It's perfect pretty much, except for the braces which need to be a little longer.

    I'm 5'5" I think... it's been ages since I measured my height, my waist is about 28 though.

    Also yes I was wearing a nappy with them, a pull up one anyways.

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    Good to see you were properly dressed. I have slim/slight build as well. Happy for you.

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    I need to get some proper nappies at some point. I think I'll buy some after Christmas =D

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    2 of my pokemon overalls.

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    Don't forget some plastic pants to help you feel the part.

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    I don't like plastic pants really.

    I love Pamperchu's overalls ^_^

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    Thanks for the info, I'm a little shorter in height, and wider in the hip area and with a diaper it would be too close of a fit for me.

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