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    Hey ADISC, i have one for all out there who smoke cigarettes....

    #1 - Do you ever experience the need to either Pee or Poop heightened while taking drags?

    #2 - If so, do you wish/prefer to have on some sort of "Protection", or not ?

    #3 - If you prefer not to have any sort of "Protection", has anything ever gone wrong?

    I ask because for me it was Yes, yes.. yes, no.. and yes and no. But please bump away.
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    When I saw this I thought it was about blowing smoke rings, which I kinda can sorta do. Anyway, I'll answer this:

    1. I don't do drugs... well not often. I do however smoke regular cigs/cigars, chew, etc and I do like a beer every now and then, ok, more "now" than "then" but whatever.

    2. I can't say there's an increased desire to wear, the desire is kinda either there or not. If want to wear, I will, if I don't, I won't.

    3. Has anything gone wrong? Well, there's been a few nights that I got drunk beyond belief, I'm meaning 20 or more drinks and did wet the bed. One time I passed out drunk on the couch and wet that, but that's about it. Its rare that this happens, maybe once a year or so.

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    Well Ace sorry for misleading you with the thread name, not my intension, i can blow smoke rings too coincidentally but i digress ...
    I didn't mean do you WANT to wear anymore or less just cause you smoke... what i meant was, when your smoking does your body get the feeling that "i want to poop" or "i want to pee" suddenly?

    And because of thus do you/do you not wish or prefer to be diapered...

    For instance i can see how someone would make a choice to wear 24/7 based solely on the fact that they smoke a pack a day and it makes em so relaxed they'd rather not be in the bathroom all the time.

    You see, and i know what you mean about the whole drunk bed wetting thing.. it happens to me as well because i always have trouble holding it, but thats not to do with cigs.

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    Ah! The age-old "have a cigarette, have to poop" phenomena!

    As an on-again, off-again smoker I am totally aware of this! I think the science of it all relates back to the chemicals in the cigarettes increasing the speed of your digestion in a way. I could be way off with this, but who knows? Sometimes when I smoke a cigarette, my stomach becomes violently ill even.

    I cannot, however, claim that I have the urge to pee more.

    In general I like to be wearing a diaper while doing whatever. It's not because I'm afraid I will shat my pants, it's mostly because I can do it and it's no big deal to me anymore. In this frigid cold, going outside to have a cigarette is much more tolerable if I am padded up!

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    Quote Originally Posted by injektilo84 View Post
    In this frigid cold, going outside to have a cigarette is much more tolerable if I am padded up!
    Very True indeed!

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    I personally thought this was about the Laurie Anderson song for some reason.

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