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Thread: whats your strategy (for defence)

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    Default whats your strategy (for defence)

    ok heres the upshot, recently theres been a massive 'firestorm' of debate on the need/ lack of need and relation of guns to defense and violent crime. the talk has really got me thinking, this and other people on the net talking about self and home defence technique. and has posed the questions.

    how able am i, if needed, to defend myself, on the street, or at home.

    now abit of background of me on this subject, living in urban sydney, i guess its not TOO surprising to expect that my gun ownership is a grand total of zilch. i am however, 6 ft tall, and around 90kg. a good fraction of that being made up of fat.

    my 'defensive credentials' involve my training in the unique form of karate, a style SPECIFICALLY tailored to be usable on the streets, as such it incorperates alot more street fighting techniques such as hook punches and uppercuts, and stancework and guarding that is more that which youd expect to see in kickboxing/MMA-pankration or muay thai than traditional karate. the teacher is also liscenced and endorsed by okinawa, to teach the legndary curriculum of weapons, most of which are, annoyingly seen as 'ninja' weapons, the 4 main weapons youd expect to see in my class being wielded being the 6 foot Bo staff, the sai, the tonfa (known more commonly in singular as the nightstick) and the nunchuku.

    ofthose i posses, and have some degree of proficiency in the Bo and the sai, (the tonfa and nunchuku requiring permits to have.)

    and while reading the thread. its become clear to me many have different opinions on how to defend yourself. either in the hime, on the street, alone or with others.

    for convenience think ill ask at the least for what you have/ would like to have in the department of

    empty hand,
    weapons, non gunpowder, both close and long range
    gunpowder based weapons

    and maybe distinguish if this is for the streets or the home.

    for me, in the home
    empty hand is karate/ street fighting techniques and alot of self defense cobinatons , in the not so distant future i plan on studying wing chun kung f which is, in some cases BETTER than karate for defense.

    also, note, heres a move i was taught, per se, as being almost surefire to help, cup your hands, and clap them BOTH over your enemies ears at roughly the same time, this causes a pressure wave, now with just one hand the force transmits safely and is depressurised via the other ear, if you cup both eears, the pressure cant be dissapated, result: hell be cross eyed for sure, at the worst youll cause a pressure rupture in his brain, and youll very likely break his eardrums.

    weapons, im gonna say off the bat i have NO gunpowder weapons at all.

    but close quarters, i possess a number of 'weapons' of varying effectiveness ,
    on the lower spectrum there are bamboo shinai and stuff, but my main weapon that i have any real confidence on dealing damage, is my pair of sai

    those things can punch in reverse grip wit the pommel, can block vry well, can hool and trap weapopns, and most importantly, its a 0.7kg, 21.5 inch long truncheons, that can also be thrown.
    as such these are my first choice, even over kitchen knives.

    other weapons id like would be chinese butterfly knives, not the folding balisong, but what is essentially a cross between a short machete and a trench knife. with a blade the length of your forearm,.

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    Aikido, the art of not fighting.
    Bo staff or naginata/Tek bow. - What's more elegant than sweeping long range flowing strikes/slashes? Oh, and tek bows rock, effectively a sniper rifle with the game settings on 'Hard mode'.
    PSG1 sniper rifle (Old and inefficient in comparison to most, but it's the only firearm I have training with)

    That's what I would have.

    What I have?

    Aikido, karate, kickboxing, boxing, thai boxing, maui thai, fencing and tae kwon do.

    2 Bo staff (One training, one professional Toothpick), Two katana (One replica, one functional replica.), three tantos (Two replica, one real.), two sai, three section staff (Ow my head.), nunchucks, one bokken, three fantasy knives, two daggers, one homemade tanto (Sharp as fuck. O.o Made from an old cement slab chisel), one Black Widow slingshot, one kubotan and one throwing spike which is frighteningly balanced and sharp. I also have other home-made stuff, all very fun.

    Nothing. No fire arms. Illegal in UK.

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    Martial arts are definatly the best weapons to possess, since no one can ever disarm you or take them and use them against you.

    I have many years of Judo. The martial art specifically created for defense. Judo really doesn't have any techniques than can be effectively used to attack someone, but it is very effective if someone attacks you. Including many that will permantly subdue your attacker.
    Judo has many advantages over other martial arts:
    First it is centrally controlled by the Kodakan Judo Institute in Japan, all Judo practitioners must be members of the Kodakan to be sanctioned. Judo is the same all over the world, you can move to another part of the world and continue right where you left off.

    Second, it is affordable, all Judo instructors cannot be paid to teach, teaching Judo to students is a privilege rewarded by waiving of annual club dues. Therefore all dues go to the maintenance of the dojo, tournament trips, etc, this keeps the dues to a fraction of what other martial arts cost.

    Third, You can get really good and go to the Olympics, since Judo is the only martial art that is an Olympic sport.

    If necessary, I can also use my 100lb German Shepard or my 65lb Border Collie, both of these guys will keep you out of my house and yard.

    No firearms, they're not really needed.

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    I think it all depends on your environment too. I live in a place where guns and 'cowboy diplomacy' have always been the norm. So it's not uncommon to see guns everywhere.
    Crime is lower here, and people have a certain level of respect for each other, because they never know if the other guy has a gun. There is almost no road rage, property crime or murders. (The most violent year ever had 29 murders in my hometown which has 750,000 people. On the other hand, menacing, armed robbery and rape are higher here than average.

    In more 'civilized places such as UK, Australia, Canada, etc. where the pattern of escalation is lower, and guns aren't so common, then hand to hand weapons are more commonplace. There are cities like Chicago and St. Louis that have strict gun control laws, and crime is through the roof, because criminals dont believe in gun control laws. So the citizens effectively declaw themselves.

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    Guns don't make a society safer, its just creates an arms race. You buy a pistol to protect your home from burglars, so dodgy Charlie buys a couple of very large handguns and a Kevlar vest just in case the person he is robbing has a firearm. After hearing about the burglars robbing people with handguns your neighbor Mike buys a shotgun to take down multiple assailants at once. Then after hearing that some of the local residents have armed themselves with Shotguns the drug pushers decide to arm themselves with submachine guns and semi automatic rifles so they can rob houses more efficiently. Before you know it your building sandbag forts around your house and arming yourself with AK-47's and night vision goggles.

    I'm highly unlikely to ever encounter a burglar or a mugger with a gun, any weapons which i possess for my self defense are based on the principle that they could be wrestled from me and used on myself.

    (Saying that, disarming people wouldn't work in the States, theres already too many guns in general circulation for that)

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    Simple: just don't fuck with anybody.
    If you get attacked on the streets, just give them what they want (if they're robbing you). Your health is more important than anything you own.
    As for attacks just for the sake of attacks... We'll I'm black belt in kickboxing; and I know some self defence moves.

    No weapons of any kind though! They're not worth carrying for a start; the penalty for carrying a knife very severe. Plus statistically you're more likely to to get stabbed by your own knife if you get attacked than you are to successfully get away. Not to mention the obvious thing: if you defend yourself with a knife, somebody's likely to get badly injured or die.

    Won't even mention guns!

    At home I do have a knife in my room I'll admit. But that's a little different though...

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    Brain...i.e. outsmart people and avoid conflicts that will result in voilence.
    Otherwise, two legs to run off, or two fists to punch people. No need for fancy weapons or martial art techniques that look like you're pirouetting like a ballet dancer


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    Besides guns, I have also had training in Bujinkan ninjutsu. I keep a spike on my keychain, and always have some form of knife on me.

    For home defense, more importantly than weapons, I have a monitored alarm system and nosey neighbors.

    I keep one of my katanas by the front door, but that's because I have seen huge snakes on my porch and am terrified of them.

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    Shotgun under the bed, 1911 on my hip, brain within the skull.

    Works fine so far.

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    I've got two black belts in two different martial arts. Been training since I was 5. I was trained to use the short stick, long staff, and sword, but that's kind of useless because I don't own any of those. If I ever move to a dangerous city in the US, I'll buy me a handgun - if for nothing more than to feel like a badass.

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