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Thread: In Memory of Guyfawkes the Kitten.

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    Default In Memory of Guyfawkes the Kitten.

    This morning at around 3:20 AM they had to put my kitten Guyfawkes to sleep.
    The cause of his injury shall remain unknown, just know that it was a complete accident, and we have all been hurt by his death.

    However we have all been touched by his life.

    Let this thread be in memory of him. He may have lived a short life, but he lived it to the fullest every day.

    We will miss him dearly.

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    I'm sorry to hear about your loss Jeffy. I lost a cat when I was young, 3rd grade I believe. It had been a cat that lived in our woods. With my parent's permission, I would feed it from a dish, moving the dish ever closer to the house. Eventually I tamed it and it became our pet, living in the house. I've always had a way with animals.

    I've written before how we lived next to my cousins, and they were Lenni Lenape Indians, as my dad was. Anyway, one of my cousins shot my cat in the head with his bow and arrow. The cat had to be put to sleep. Needless to say, I was very upset. My mom was so upset that we eventually moved away from them, moving 5 miles away.

    Loss is something that shapes and molds us. It even helps define us. I became a person who cares for others, who hates it when others hurt. I have an extreme respect for the rights of others, and especially for the rights of animals. You will remember your kitten, and why it was a precious life, because you experienced all those moments when it was with you. My thoughts are with you today.

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    Sorry about Guyfawkes, that's never easy stuff to deal with, I feel for you

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    It is never good to have a pet die. I still to this day won't have a dog or a cat because I don't want to go through the emotional hell I went through in 1995 when my dog died and I was unable to say goodbye to her as I was living in another city at the time she was put down.

    You have my sympathies, man.


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    Sorry to hear about your cat, Jeffy May he rest in peace and may you remember him forever

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    Losing pets is never easy. I lost my dog back in january (it was 11 months ago on the 7th of this month) and I still miss him. Hopefully you'll recover faster than I am.

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    Saw Guyfawkes when I checked out your music on myspace. Tragic man, and I'm sorry about your loss. I'll explode something in honour of his namesake.

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