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Thread: straight guy likes anal

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    Question straight guy likes anal

    So I'm a straight guy, But I like to have my hole played with. More than the fact of a girl fingering me while giving me a blow job. I have a butt plug and a dildo. I love to lube them up and use them while wearing my diaper. I will also sometimes bring them in the shower and have fun. Is there anybody else who is like me. Though I consider myself straight and not bi mainly because I don't find guys attractive just like my butt hole played with.

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    Well, the anus is a direct connection to millions of delicate nerve endings! All humans can find pleasure in it if they get past the mental/emotional roadblocks first. Consider yourself lucky; some people never find what really gets them off.

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    it does not make you gay to have you ass played with, it makes you gay if your attracted to other men. Your ass contains a pleaser zone and if you don't take advantage of it well your shit out of luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sketchy View Post
    ..and if you don't take advantage of it well your shit out of luck.
    LOL insert pun here...

    The prostate is accessible from your hole, thats why it feels so good.
    it doesn't mean your gay.

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    The male G-Spot is the prostate. It's in the ass. That's why pooping feels so good.
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    thanks Yourhuggies i am glad some one noticed my terrible pun.

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    The activity in which you engage doesn't make you gay or straight - it's who you want to engage in said activity with. You like having penis-shaped objects stuffed up your backdoor? So what? Doesn't make you gay unless you want that object to be an actual penis attached to a living, breathing dude.

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    i knew a guy who was straight, but he could shove 3 of his fingers up his ass. I asked him how he knew this, but he never told me. I can only guess. (I think he was a wanker)

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    I'm pretty much the same as that (apart from the fact that i don't actually own any But plugs or dildos)

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    Stop the presses: Straight guy likes anal stimulation. It's really not a big deal. Having something up the butt doesn't make you gay, or even bi. Anyone can like it. I do too.

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