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Thread: i'm new and is jakes bro

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    Default i'm new and is jakes bro

    title basically explains all and i'm jakes brah. (bro if you didn't know)i play rs and sl my account name for sl is Dark3lement Aluveaux.i love rpgs and classic games.i can make people laugh and i tell alot of jokes you can ask jake and i was introduced to this about 2 moths ago.i'll be here whenver i am able to.

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    Yay, incoming friends of Jake. Welcome here Draven, nice to see you. *huggles the Draven*

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    Good to see ya here bro ^^, im glad you accepted me and actually joined the forum ^^

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    Awesome that you accepted your bro and joined. Are you older or younger?

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    Quote Originally Posted by woof View Post
    Awesome that you accepted your bro and joined. Are you older or younger?
    Psst... I think he means the slang version of 'bro', which is 'friend'.

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    he's mah younger bro, he is 14 I think, *toodles off and asks him*, yup ^^, he'd log in but he doing his school work ^^;

    and yes, he is my real life brother ^^
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    welcome to the forums, its great to here that you accepted your bro.

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    Wow, awesome

    @Jake's brother: Welcome, and it's great that you are helping and supporting your brother

    @jake: Grats for getting your bro on here

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    Welcome man. Good to see people actually accepts there faimily when they are such things. Mine thought i was a freak.

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