View Poll Results: How do you feel when you're NOT in diapers?

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  • Confident

    10 25.64%
  • Outgoing

    4 10.26%
  • Shy

    11 28.21%
  • Introverted

    14 35.90%
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Thread: How would you describe you personality? (Part 1)

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    Default How would you describe you personality? (Part 1)

    This is a thing that has always fascinated me.

    How do you feel when you're NOT in diapers? Please choose the one you feel most suits you from the poll above and then please feel free to post you opinions underneath.

    After you've completed this, please proceed to this thread and answer the question there:
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    Introverted is my usual state. I'm curious as to how you determined the four categories... I mean, I would have also chosen "insecure", "anxious", "stressed", "hopeful"... as opposed to in diapers, in which I'd describe my feelings more as "vulnerable", "secure", "relaxed", "complacent"...

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    umm... dorky ashamed spiteful sad

    in diapers.. ".........."

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    If I could use one word to describe myself, it would have to be the Incredible Hulk. Didn't feel a whole lot different whenever I wore diapers.

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    Incredible Hulk... lol

    I'm confident when I'm not diapered. When I am, I'm definitely more reserved, especially out in public. They make me nervous about getting caught. Generally just wear them privately.

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    I can't really pick one, sorry

    It really changed depending on the situation. Usually, the more comfortable I am in a situation, whether it be socially, in school, or at work, I am more outgoing and extroverted. If I'm not feeling comfortable, or it's something new to me, I tend to be a little more shy.

    But like I said, it really depends. When I took a Briggs/Myers test in school about a month ago, I got equal points in both EXTROVERTED and INTROVERTED. I had to take a set of tie-breaking questions, and ended up falling on the EXTROVERTED side.

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    i personally feel confident when not in diapers, i mean its hard to hold it sometimes and ill have to run to a potty so i don't have a tinsy accident (although i hardly care if its really small ) but it still doesn't mean that im as comfortable as when im In them. I feel a little less confident in terms of what im actually wearing but it balances out cause i feel more confident that i don't have to worry about any accidents.
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