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    Hey I'm james and I'm here because i love wetting my pants and my bed . I think it feels awesome. I haven't gotten the chance to try diapers or anything but maybe some day! I'm in college now and live in dorms so its kinda tough peeing myself with a roommate around so i don't get to do it as much as i'd like!

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    hey James07s welcome to ADISC if you get some diaper's like goodnites or something, then you could enjoy it more and not have to be paranoid of other people finding out, it feel's more Awesome when your protected and wearing a diaper, have you any other hobbies/interests, just so we get to know ya better.

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    Whoa! You like diapers and wetting yourself?? How unique and special.

    ...Not. Maybe post a little bit about yourself outside of just your AB/DL side? We already know about that part.


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