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Thread: Trouble falling asleep diapered

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    Default Trouble falling asleep diapered

    Ok, so I have trouble falling asleep in a diaper, I would like to but wearing one is just another thing i think about while falling asleep. Does anyone have any tips besides drugs, booze, 'illegal' drugs and physical abuse to the head.

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    put on a movie or something engaging to help you forget what your wearing, read a really good book, play a really great video game, call someone up and talk to them.. anything to distract you from thinking that your not just in normal "in bed mode"
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    Aside from what MessyMan suggests, it's also just something you'll get used to over time. I had the same problem when Ifirst started trying.. you try to sleep but all you can think about is your diaper . After you do it enough, however, you'll be fine.

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    ok the thing is when i jerk off i no longer want to wear a diaper (i don't know why...and if anyone knows why can you help me with that as well).

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    Hi sketchy, I've had similar feelings about not wanting to wear once I've cum. So best to delay 'gratification', imo.

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    I sort of know what you mean, I want to take my diaper off pretty much as soon as I cream, but I generally either just change into a fresh diaper, or take a shower and clean up and be done with it for the time being... it just depends on my mood

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    You can't fall asleep as a DL; you have to be an AB.

    OK, so you could jerk off, but then you have the rather uncomfortable sensation of semen between you and the front of your diaper. It's annoying, gross and not very good for falling asleep to.

    Instead, be an AB. Regress and allow yourself to relax in the silent, warm comfort of the diaper. Enjoy the safe and secure feeling. Don't think about how it feels on your dick, think about how it feels on your waist and butt. Perceive the warm and comforting feeling of it. Oh, and wearing a footed sleeper helps quite a bit too.


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    Just try and relax. Ignore the urge to want to remove it by watching a DVD or occupying your mind in some other way.

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